Tecra Receives Grant from European Union

Tecra Receives Grant from European Union

New blockchain technology and a leader in the cryptocurrency industry Tecra, has already received a grant from the European Union. This is just another strong show of support for the adoption of blockchain technology with an investment like this being put behind Tecra. Venture capitalist firms from both the USA and China were also interested in the project.

Tecra is currently working on an ecosystem of three main projects that are interconnected. Tecra Space, TecraCoin, and Tecra DEX. All three of these projects work together to help projects find funding (Tecra Space), allow each project to create its own token for funding (TecraCoin), and have a place where these tokens can be exchanged (Tecra DEX).

Tecra Space

Tecra Space is a crowdfunding platform. It was created to improve the funding market and to protect start-up projects from large corporations that simply “choke” them at the very beginning for a quick profit.

Tecra Space’s goal is to merge scientists, inventors, and technology startups, with individual investors, investment funds, and a community interested in blockchain technology. Investors will have the power to vote on projects and know that their funds are being used appropriately based on the automatization of investment through the implementation of smart contracts in the blockchain.

Beyond simply being a crowdfunding platform, Tecra Space will offer lower fees, improved security and transparency for investors, an increased global reach for projects, and the clarity of intellectual property rights by tokenization right into the blockchain. Tecra arranges a safe movement of capital and intellectual properties through its blockchain solutions.

Tecra Space is one of Tecra’s projects aiming to resolve certain issues in the investment, funds raising and intellectual property rights sectors using modern, state-of-the-art technology in the form of blockchain and blockchain-associated technologies.

Plus, after fundraising and once projects reach the commercialization stage, they are committed to buying back a certain percentage of the tokens currently on the market based on the aforementioned smart contracts.


Every project that launches a fundraising campaign on Tecra Space will also issue their own coins. From there, investors can use TecraCoin or ETH/USDT to purchase those coins in order to invest in a certain project they believe in. Investors will be able to use Tecra Space to learn about projects and get a better understanding of the projects goals.

These coins will be able to be traded on Tecra DEX, the decentralized exchange for trading project tokens.

Currently, there are TecraCoin on native blockchain and on ERC20 with a current supply of 80 million. Investors can buy TecraCoin on both Hotbit and Uniswap. After converting TecraCoin on native blockchain to TecraCoin tokens on ERC20 via Tecra Space, coins are burned 1 to 1, not duplicated so as not to drive down the price of TecraCoin.

Tecra DEX

A brand new decentralized exchange, Tecra DEX is set to launch in early 2022. With it, users will be able to exclusively trade project tokens that are created for projects on Tecra Space. Further, the exchange will also feature the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market as well as TecraCoin.

How Projects Benefit From TecraCoins And Tokenization

The tokens that are created by projects on Tecra Space represent real companies doing actual innovative work in their fields. Holders of a certain project’s token can earn money from the re-purchasing of tokens by project creators, trading tokens on the DEX, and on commission since 3% of all money raised by every project is redistributed among all project token holders. Plus, 2% of TCR from each successful fundraiser will be burned when it reaches its intended goal.

There have also already been 1 million TecraCoin burned. Burning TecraCoin further drives up the price on tokens since as projects find success, there becomes less and less tokens available on the market.

Investing In Innovative Programs On Tecra Space

Anyone can invest in projects on Tecra Space. To get started, all investors need is either TecraCoin or ETH/USDT to buy project tokens. From there, look at the projects listed on Tecra Space to determine which new technology will dominate its industry. Once the project reaches full funding, the wheels will automatically be put in motion. Then, as the project reaches commercialization, token holders can have their tokens bought back or continue to stay invested in a project.