How Phemex Will Reward You to Learn About Crypto with This New Program

How Phemex Will Reward You to Learn About Crypto with This New Program

Cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology are part of a financial revolution in the making. Bitcoin was created over 10 years ago, Ethereum over 5, and still many people are unfamiliar with their benefits, potential, and the groundbreaking innovation that their ecosystems are brewing.

Leading crypto exchange Phemex seeks to revert this and, in the process, incentivizes people to learn by offering them rewards. Thus, they have launched an educational program called Learn & Earn. Here users will find fundamental concepts on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology simplified in videos easy to approach by anyone.

The information will be divided into lessons. After each of these, the user can take a quick test. If the result of the test is successful, the user will be rewarded in cryptocurrencies or in trading bonuses for Phemex. One of the mottos of this new program is “we pay you to have fun and learn”.

Users can explore a variety of topics, get a grasp of fundamental discussions, such as the benefits of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. The program has been launched with the objective of giving something valuable to Phemex’s community. In addition to the opportunity to make a profit, the knowledge will be useful and deliver in a user-friendly fashion without the technical hurdles.

The educational program is part of a Phemex initiative to embrace its role and its responsibilities as one of the leading crypto exchanges in the industry.

Phemex Educational Program Will Have More Rewards And Benefits

It has been often argued by experts that the growth of the crypto industry relies on more users coming into the crypto space, a clear and fair regulatory framework, and more education. Therefore, Phemex has started a program that will benefit the entire industry.

As additional incentives, the exchanges launch a double giveaway from June 17 to 24 to give users double rewards to participate in the program. The giveaway will continue with bonuses during the coming week. More information can be acquired via their official Twitter handle.

Furthermore, there will be a “Lucky Draw” from June 25th to July 2nd. To take part, users must complete specific steps via the Gleam Campaign Page provided by Phemex. Later, on July 16th, the exchange will select 20 winners to reward them with $100 trading bonuses.

Users and participants must consider that reward will only be granted to those that complete the exchange’s KYC process. In addition, certain countries are restricted to take part in the program.