Build Your Own Token – With Student Coin Terminal

Build Your Own Token – With Student Coin Terminal

Now that crypto is on a roll, it’s time to take advantage of the opportunity and join the crypto business world! How? By launching your own token!

And listen – it sounds harder than it actually is. You don’t need to have any advanced tech knowledge to design a token. At least, not if you’ll use the Student Coin (STC) Terminal.

What is the Student Coin Terminal?

The STC Terminal is an ongoing project that will be released at the end of July. It is part of the Student Coin Ecosystem that caught the attention of no less than 500 Universities worldwide, including Harvard and Stanford.

As incredible as it seems, the project is built by students, bringing a fresh new perspective to the crypto world. No wonder why they were discovered by TEDxWarsaw – who seeks innovative business ideas.

The STC Terminal is meant to be a token generator that will make it possible for anyone to build:

  • DeFi tokens;
  • NFTs;
  • Personal tokens;
  • Business tokens;
  • Start-up tokens.
  • What are the advantages?

    The main advantage is that you can build and launch your own token without needing tech knowledge. Simple, quick, ready for trade.

    However, the usability of this blockchain instrument doesn’t stop here. As we said before, Student Coin came with a new perspective on crypto, mainly focusing on students and entrepreneurs.

    If you need to get money for student loans or funds to deploy your business idea, you can issue a crowdfunding proposal on the Student Coin platform.

    What will you offer in return? Your fresh new token!

    The funds will also be paid back cyclically, but just after you graduate and find a well-paying job or after you start making substantial profits.

    What will the process look like?

    To create a token on the STC Terminal you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Step 1: Choose the token type;
  • Step 2: Write the general info about your token – like the name or total supply;
  • Step 3: Choose a utility for your token;
  • Step 4: Write the KYC details;
  • Step 5: Click on the “Apply” button.
  • Simple, right?

    How are the values set?

    In order to get access to the STC Terminal, you would need to buy the STC Token, which is the base for every token built on the terminal.

    So it all starts from the STC Token value, and then it will vary depending on the demand for your token. That’s when you bring your marketing and negotiation skills to the light.

    If you want to start your token adventure, you can buy the STC Token directly using your credit card on the Student Coin platform, or you can find it listed on exchanges like KuCoin, Uniswap, or

    Swing big from the start!


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