Polygon to Launch an All-Purpose Blockchain Dubbed Avail

Polygon to Launch an All-Purpose Blockchain Dubbed Avail

Polygon, a full-stack scaling solution for Ethereum formerly, known as MATIC network, plans to launch an all-purpose scalable data availability layer dubbed Avail.

Polygon to Launch a General Purpose Blockchain

In a press release shared with CryptoPotato, Polygon noted that Avail will provide foolproof data available while preventing data encoding proofs using erasure coding and polynomial commitments to create a two-dimensional data availability scheme.

Avail is a blockchain network that is geared at providing scalable data for standalone chains, sidechains, and other Layer-2 solutions.

Polygon’s intention of onboarding Avail is to provide single chains that have difficulty executing transactions with the needed data guaranteed to make the tasks easier.

Additionally, by utilizing Avail as an off-chain data availability layer, other L2 solutions can increase scalability rates substantially.

A Blockchain for the Future

Speaking on the development, Polygon’s co-founder, Anurag Arjun, said:

“Avail is a key component of a new paradigm in which blockchains will work in the future. We believe off-chain scaling solutions and standalone chains will require a robust, scalable data availability solution and we are excited to be working on this problem.”

Polygon noted that Avail is a secure data hosting and ordering layer that execution layers can use, adding that it is an “important component to completely change the game on how future blockchains will work.”

The project expects the multiple off-chain scaling solutions or legacy execution layers to form the execution layer. As per the release, Polygon is already developing the tools required to make this possible with Avail.

Polygon Continues to Grow

The project continues to develop its ecosystem through different partnerships. In May, Polygon teamed up with Google to integrate its blockchain datasets to Google’s BigQuery to provide accurate on-chain information for the protocol.

Meanwhile, the blockchain network has not been left behind in the DeFi sector. Earlier this month, Polygon partnered with 0x and announced a commitment of over $10 million to bring at least one million users to Polygon and Ethereum. Polygon intends to use the funds to support projects and developers on its network to bring about a secure and robust DeFi infrastructure.