Centr Publishes the Speed Test Result for Credits Blockchain

Centr Publishes the Speed Test Result for Credits Blockchain

Centr, a blockchain software and development outfit has published the result of the speed test of the Credits Blockchain protocol, a technology company registered in London, UK, but with a global presence, guaranteeing the high performance the network has been brandishing over the years. According to the published report, the results of the speed test conducted are crucial as the world dives on towards mainstream adoption of blockchain technology, and its attendant innovations including decentralized finance (DeFi).

Scalability and transaction throughput are some of the major elements that are crucial for the game changing technology to go live, and these two pointers amongst others are lacking in many blockchain networks today. Not minding the self-acclaim every project accords itself, Credits Blockchain inclusive, the team at Centr decided to do a verification to know the exact capabilities of Credits system in order to ascertain its claims.

Per the test, Centr seeks to verify the following claims with regards to the Credits blockchain; the overall network scalability, the adaptability of the blockchain in relation to hardware changes over time, the Transactions Per Seconds (TPS) and the speed of achieving block times.

Test Details and Findings

According to the test conducted, the environment was built using the following parameters; blockchain nodes for Credits Blockchain were located in London, Frankfurt, Ireland, Tokyo, and Paris with a total of 18 nodes connected to the network. Each of the participating nodes maintained similar specifications including;

  • CPU: AMD EPYC 7000-series 16 Core processor
  • RAM: 64 GB ECC Memory
  • DISK: Dual NVME Enterprise 500 GB
  • Network: 1 Gbit with peak to 10 Gbit Fibre networking
  • With this environment guaranteed, Credits Blockchain was launched at an “idle block speed of 520ms providing a sound basis to begin the speed test,” according to the report. Following the test, the following result was obtained;

  • The highest recorded number of transactions observed a single block: 305,552 transactions with a block speed of 1,400 MS;
  • Average transactions per block: 70,000 – 150,000;
  • Average block speed: 700 MS – 1,300 MS;
  • Total volume of transactions processed: 130,493,210 transactions;
  • The Credits Blockchain network operated smoothly without any form of disruption. However, Centr said it observed some ‘drop offs’ in the spammer software, nonetheless, this minor outage did not affect its overall functionalities.
  • The results, though limited in the number of participating nodes which correspondingly limited the number of transactions, showed that Credits outperformed the majority of competing blockchains in terms of scalability and blockspeed amongst other core performance metrics measures.

    “The Credits blockchain has demonstrated its scalability by running on high-quality hardware and network connection. However, the observed blockchain speed was strong…even higher numbers are easily possible given the limitations of the network’s bandwidth…,” – Centr Blockchain Software summarized.

    By implication, the test result is certifying that Credits is in a good position to go mainstream, a positioning that is vital as the host of blockchain networks seeks increased retail usage and enterprise adoption to mention a few.