Nimbus announces integration to Binance Smart Chain

Nimbus announces integration to Binance Smart Chain

In pursuit of improving its ecosystem, scaling, and reducing costs of transactions, Nimbus, a DAO-governed automated platform that offers 16 earning strategies for users, has announced its launch on Binance Smart Chain testnet.

Besides that, Nimbus is launching BEP20 NBU and GNBU tokens that will provide tremendous potential, supported by a set of use-cases. In particular, a higher level of accessibility on BSC and 10x lower gas fees. Finally, NBU and GNBU sky-rocketed 3X within the first days after launch – Why something similar shouldn’t happen this time?

Why this integration takes place now? Over the last few months, the Ethereum network gas prices have been skyrocketing due to high market volatility, whereas transactions on Binance Smart Chain remained around $0.2–0.3. Therefore, with the deployment of BSC, Nimbus users and liquidity providers will be able to interact with the Nimbus functionalities without needing to deal with exorbitant gas fees.

Additionally, it will allow Nimbus to expand, as BSC is highly popular in China, and projects the Chinese community has been waiting for this shift for quite a while. Finally, it will become easier for Nimbus tokens to be listed on Binance. It is worth mentioning that BSC is highly compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), and it allows you to run all types of smart contracts on it.

About Nimbus Platform

Nimbus is a DAO-governed ecosystem of dApps that offers 16 earning strategies for users boosted by multiple layers of risk-management and based on IPO participation, Lending, Crypto Arbitrage-Trading. All users need to do is to pick the preferred pool, earning strategies, or even cryptocurrency. In other words, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy. With 50,000 active users, Nimbus is a fast-growing alternative product that provides high rewards in regions that seem to be growing faster than ever before.

For details on the BSC integration:

To learn more about Nimbus, visit their website or follow them on Telegram, YouTube, Twitter, and Medium.


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