Second Year Anniversary of Successful XinFin Mainnet Launch

Second Year Anniversary of Successful XinFin Mainnet Launch

XinFin has rolled out stupendously after its Mainnet launch on June 01, 2019. Notably, it’s been two years since its mainnet launch.

With the mainnet launch, XDCe has been swapped to XDC token. It is expected the trading volume to go high with the conversion. According to CoinGecko, the XDC price is $0.058 with a 24-hour trading volume of $5,774,799, at the time of writing.

Shared moments bring people & participants together. They are the dots that connect us. Over the last 2 years, the XinFin mainnet has been through many of these moments, leading to a robust living, breathing ecosystem. Here’s to those moments and many more— XinFin (@XinFin_Official) June 1, 2021

XinFin community has seen many significant modifications made within the XDC ecosystem after the mainnet launch, this includes token swap, wallet private key access, masternode setup, staking, new supply release, side chain, or private network setup, burning of XDC, etc.

Achievements of XinFin

XinFin’s is a hybrid blockchain technology XDC protocol that allows the platform to be fast. It is also based on its XDPoS network powered by the XDC protocol. It offers a highly efficient blockchain that allows instant transactions and trades. The XDC community has grown from a small number to over 30,000 watchlists on CMC growing every day.

The platform has become most financial firms’ choice for its operability on liquidation. The gas fees are considered to be highly negligible, accounting for $0.00001. Another main thing that promotes XinFin’s XDC is its energy consumption, which is notably just 0.0000074 Twh, which makes it get the status ‘Green Coin’. The new regulations and terms of eco-friendly perspective paves a different path for XinFin’s future.

Data of XDC Network (Source: XDC Network Explorer)

All the data of the XinFin network are shown above. However, all started from zero and now the platform has reached great heights as shown in the XDC network explorer. Block height of XDC reached 30,649,877. Among all the explicit features of XDC, the transaction and processing speed is the chief attribute of the triumph of XinFin.

XinFin’s projects help users to save time by working in a streamlined manner. It enables businesses to build high performance with unique technological features. The transaction per second speed of XinFin mounts to 2000. The platform also celebrated its successful completion of the first year of its mainnet launch last year.

XinFin Celebrates, the 1 year of successful XDC mainnet launch. We take this opportunity to thank all the community members, Masternode holders, Partners, supporters, & team members for your great support & love.#HappyBirthdayXDC #HBDXDC #XDC #xdce #blockchain #celebration— XinFin (@XinFin_Official) June 1, 2020

Furthermore, the blockchain and crypto industry is rapidly growing, however, disrupting today’s business ecosystem and accelerating digital adoption. More so, the main benefit of user experience is that blockchains make transactions faster and decrease the cost. With all these achievements being made within the XinFin ecosystem, the platform has been through a successful journey since its mainnet launch, expecting that the platform will reach even more heights soon.