UK-based Exmo exchange is down due to DDoS attack

UK-based Exmo exchange is down due to DDoS attack

UK-based crypto exchange Exmo suffered a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. Exmo team said on Twitter that the exchange’s servers were temporarily unavailable and that the team was trying to resolve the issue. According to the tweet published on 15 February at 13:00 UTC:

Two months ago, on 21 December 2020, Exmo suffered a hack that compromised 5% of its total assets, following which, all withdrawals on the platform had been “temporarily suspended,” at the time

A security audit report published by Exmo indicated large withdrawals of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple’s XRP, ETC and Ether. Additionally, coins like ZEC as well as USDT were also transferred out of the exchange. However, the Exmo team stressed the fact that all the assets in the cold wallets were safe. Moreover, soon after the hack, the Exmo team said that they had already reported the case to the London police’s Cybercrime team, and asked its customers to not deposit any funds to Exmo wallets at the time.

It must be noted that typically, the DDoS cyber attack allows bad actors to disrupt services of a network especially during times of heavy traffic. However, as a result of the DDos attack, the crypto exchange was still down at press time.


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