XinFin Serves as an Alternative Solution for ETH Users

XinFin Serves as an Alternative Solution for ETH Users

XinFin along with many other projects serves as an alternative to Ethereum transaction speed issue. Moreover, ETH is the first blockchain platform with smart technologies, and is now recognized as a frustrated platform. High gas fee and slow transaction speed are the current main drawbacks. It makes the ETH users turn towards alternate networks. Ethereum stands unique and high as prominent Altcoin among crypto users.

Technical Problems of ETH Network

Ethereum Network faces slow transaction speed and high gas fees frustrates the crypto users. The gas value was added as an incentive for crypto-miners to develop the network. But the fact is, the gas fee still remains at peak across 2021. This affected the casual investors to unuse any DeFi platforms for ETH transactions.

In February, one crypto investor pointed out a gas fee of $74 for a Sushiswap transaction of $75. Ethereum holds developers and investors in large numbers. It supports many projects, applications and on time services.

As an Ethereum user, the co-founder of blockchain infrastructure firms Kadena, Stuart Popejoy shares,

“a deluge of transactions to serve the latest craze, simply because it is attracting more users than your app.”

Additionally, Ethereum 2.0’s first look launched on December 1st, 2020 creating a hype among the ETH members. Now the users and creator Vitalik Buterin waits for the second block which is expected to be launched between 2021- 2022.

Alternative solution for Crypto users

Due to the unsatisfied ETH network, users choose XinFin as an alternative solution for best transactions. XinFin, a unique blockchain platform empowers investors with innovative solutions and speedy transactions. Benefits of using XinFin Network:

  • XinFin processes upto 2,000+ TPS.
  • Two-second block time.
  • XinFin’s projects enable businesses to build high performance with unique technological features. XinFin operating system assists speed transactions, security and liquidity for all projects.

    Along with XinFin, other solutions opted for users are Tron and XRP. These two blockchain platforms enrich the Ethereum users with effective solutions.

    Tron as Solution

  • Tron launches its blockchain platform in 2018 with benefits of 2000 transactions per second, excelling than Ethereum.
  • Tron ranks as a leading payment gateway with 0 transactional cost like PayPal.
  • XRP as Solution

  • XRP launched in 2012, the crypto token that runs on a digital payment platform called RippleNet.
  • XRP does not support smart contracts. However, users can use XRP Ledger escrows as smart contracts that release XRP after a certain time has passed.
  • It currently handles 2000 transactions per second.
  • Therefore, blockchain projects like XinFin, Tron and XRP are alternative solutions available in the market. Developers and Investors can choose any platform without expecting the arrival of Ethereum 2.0. As a result, Ethereum must initiate innovative changes excluding technical issues in the launch of Ethereum 2.0 timeline.