The “Bitcoin 2021” Conference In Miami: Big Stars And Latest Announcements

The “Bitcoin 2021” Conference In Miami: Big Stars And Latest Announcements

If you don’t yet have a ticket or aren’t traveling to Miami at the moment, we have great news for you. There will be a “Bitcoin 2021” Livestream via YouTube, here’s the first day link, and here’s the second one. We at Bitcoinist already gave you a handy guide full of rumors for the event, and now we give you all of the new developments and announcements. But first, let’s remember how we introduced the subject:

During the first few days of June, 4th and 5th to be exact, Miami will witness history. The “Bitcoin 2021” conference doesn’t only comes back with a vengeance after the 2020 cancelation, it’s one of the first massive post-COVID events that the world will see. All eyes are on them. Plus, it comes in the middle of an interrupted bull-run that has Bitcoin in everyone’s mouth for one reason or another.


In the last couple of weeks, the mood of the Bitcoin community shifted. There’s no denying that. For whales, plebs, and veterans of the field, though, this is just part of the course. The recent crypto crash will not stop them from gathering and exploring the latest ideas and developments that the Bitcoin community has to offer. The “Bitcoin 2021” Conference starts in less than 10 days.

Bitcoin 2021’s big announcement: Ron Paul

The conference added Floyd Mayweather as a speaker and the community laughed and complained. Maybe they had a right to. But when “Bitcoin 2021” announced Former Congressman and ex-presidential candidate Ron Paul, the reaction was a roar of approval. The title of his talk is still unknown, but the tweet promises, “an important message that we need monetary freedom!

Hear, hear!

More Confirmed Panels And Talks

The main course will be served in the “Nakamoto Stage,” and the secondary one is called the “Stacking Sats Stage”. Most of the panels and talks we highlight will be in the “Nakamoto Stage.” For more information consult the conference’s Agenda page.

  • “Investing in the Bitcoin Ecosystem” with Olaf Carlson-Wee, Tim Draper, Alyse Killeen, and Colleen Sullivan. Moderated by Jeff Kilburg.
  • “Bitcoin for Billions, Not Billionaires” with Elizabeth Stark and Lyn Alden.
  • “When a Counterculture Goes Mainstream” With Tony Hawk and Jeremy Gardner
  • “Panel: Mining as a Public Company” with Frank Holmes, Jason Les, and Fred Thiel. Moderated by Kevin O’Leary.
  • “Onboarding 1 Billion Bitcoiners” with Ivan Soto-Wright, Ray Youssef, Bobby Lee, and Yan Pritzker. Moderated by Flip Abignale.
  • “Bitcoin Mining Fixes our Energy Problems” with Marty Bent, Steve Barbour, and Chase Lochmiller. Moderated by Sergii Gerasymovych.
  • And, of course, the Floyd Mayweather one.
  • Promises And Quotes About Bitcoin 2021’s Presentations

    The organizers, Bitcoin Magazine, interviewed Steve Lee of Square Crypto. He’ll have a fireside chat with Aaron van Wirdum near the closing of the second day. About it, Lee said:

    Lee will be sharing more of his thoughts on the present and future of the network at the upcoming Bitcoin 2021 event. When asked what critical conversations should be taking place there, he had a simple and straightforward response, demonstrating a decidedly maximalist point of view.“Why proof of work is essential to decentralized money,” he said. “There is simply no substitute.”

    Here, here!

    The magazine also interviewed Senator Cynthia Lummis, who’ll talk with Representative Warren Davidson about “Bringing Bitcoin Innovation Home to America.” About the content of that conversation, she said:

    “Warren and I worked together in the U.S. House,” Lummis said. “The congressional calendar is very full, and I’m looking forward to having a long overdue and uninterrupted conversation with him about how we can work together to bring the U.S financial system into the 21st century.”

    The Whale Pass NFT and the Free and Open-Source Dome

    Bringing the NFTs to Bitcoin, the conference is auctioning one that serves as a lifetime Whale Pass, and comes with VIP Concierge Service Access and additional perks for life. How much will it go for?

    Introducing the First Edition 🐳Golden Whale Pass🐳 with #ForeverWhale Liquid NFT powered by @NFT_glee 🐋 Lifetime Whale Pass for NFT holder (+1)🐋 5 Celebrity Suite Tickets to Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Fight🐋 VIP Concierge Service Access🐋 Additional Perks (for life)— Bitcoin 2021 (@TheBitcoinConf) May 21, 2021

    There will also be a Geodesic Dome that’ll serve as a “hackspace full of free and open-source projects, talks and building!” There will be workshops, and demos, and lots of cutting-edge projects.

    See you all at the Livestream’s chat!