Ternio Rebranding As ‘Unbanked’

Ternio Rebranding As ‘Unbanked’

In a recent press release announcement, financial services suite Ternio has shared that they are rebranding as ‘Unbanked’. The company’s flagship product, BlockCard, will continue to be a pivotal offering for the firm, along with a wide suite of financial services.

The Unbanked Products:

Unbanked will continue to showcase a bevy of different products, with current and future products including bank accounts, debit cards, rewards, enterprise financial solutions, and the ability to buy, sell, and send crypto.

Unbanked is continuing to double down on these products as well, such as offering FDIC-insured bank accounts across the globe while allowing customers the option to hold their money in a decentralized wallet. Additionally, Unbanked will offer digital (and physical) debit cards that are compatible with major payment platforms such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Card offerings have been a focal point for the company historically, after previously partnering with Paxful in November last year. The collaborative product provided U.S.-based users with a debit card that allowed them to convert crypto, open a checking account, and withdrawal funds from any ATM worldwide. Now, Unbanked is looking to take it all a step further. The company will also integrate cash back rewards; rewards for using an Unbanked card are anticipated to yield up to 6.38% in crypto.

Unbanked also currently supports twelve major cryptos and enables direct purchases of BTC, ETH, and TERN. The company looks to aggregate prices across multiple exchanges to work to get the best rate available for clients.

The enterprise solutions products will include a wide suite of offerings, including white-label card issuance, bank accounts, and financial toolkit APIs that can provide crypto-based assets to organizations looking for increased digital asset utility and spend-ability.

The Full Suite:

In a statement regarding the rebrand, co-founder Ian Kane stated that the firm “cannot be more excited about introducing Unbanked to the world”, adding that “demand for crypto-focused financial services has caused companies to create a patchwork of offerings that only address a handful of needs at a time.”

Unbanked will look to leverage their wide scale of offerings, while many firms focus on individual offerings, and as Kane states, offer “customers a more complete blockchain-enabled banking experience that is faster, lets them have greater control of their crypto, and cuts down on cost-prohibitive fees”.

Unbanked is laser-focused on providing a product that as they describe, is unconventional, uncompromising, unafraid, untried, and unstoppable.

The Focus Moving Forward:

The company is rolling out new brand identity assets for a full-scale consumer and enterprise rollout, and the firm’s website features an email signup for early access for consumers. New product releases are anticipated June 30, 2021.

You can find the latest from Unbanked at unbanked.com.