Fantom Partners With Chainlink to Provide Developers With Randomness Solution for Smart Contracts

Fantom Partners With Chainlink to Provide Developers With Randomness Solution for Smart Contracts

Fantom continues showing their dedication to improving developer experiences working on their platform with their latest partnership. They teamed up with Chainlink to natively integrate Chainlink Verifiable Random Function, which is a secure and verifiable on-chain randomness solution built specifically for smart contracts. This will act as a recommended random number generator solution for Fantom developers that may need it for their decentralized applications.

Further details about this new integration can be found below.

  • Usual issues with RNG solutions
  • Some prevalent problems with RNG solutions derived from on-chain data can be that they become subject to manipulation by blockchain miners. This occurs when blockchain miners order transactions into blocks and delay the random number process until it produces their desired outcome. When it comes to RNG that is derived from off-chain providers, they tend to provide little integrity and lack guarantee that the API provider is not actively being tampered with. Much like Fantom has become a faster, lower-cost and more eco-conscious alternative to current blockchain networks due to their platform being based on improving issues with the past generation of blockchain technology, Chainlink VRF was designed with the purpose to combat both of these issues through their on-chain value being secured by randomness scale and their VRF process being tamper-proof. For further information on this, visit their technical walkthrough here.

  • How this partnership will improve developer experience and enhance dApps
  • Fantom developers will now have Chainlink VRF at their disposal in order to quickly build and launch high-speed, scalable and low-cost applications through Fantom. Through Fantom’s EVM compatibility, their low transaction costs and how quickly each transaction through the network is conducted, developers will be able to have the greatest possible security, ability to create randomness and time and cost-efficiency available on any blockchain network.

  • How randomness can be incorporated in projects
  • A random number generator solution can be greatly beneficial for Fantom developers who may wish to create low-cost gaming, NFT and DeFi products that can be improved by having a facet of randomness. Examples of these are unpredictable in-game scenarios that create thrills, a fair distribution of limited-edition financial assets that stimulates mutually fair competition and random assignment of rare NFTs attributes. This will, in turn, create even better user experiences and will ease the development process for developers that want to incorporate a randomness factor into their decentralized applications to augment the experience, as Fantom will now have Chainlink VRF natively integrated. Some further ways that developers can utilize Chainlink VRF during their dApps can be creating random NFT attributes for in-game items and characters, distributing rare nFTs based on weighted probabilities based on the VRF’s calculated randomness, selecting securely random winners from DeF LP pools for real-time prizes, ordering participants fairly even during high demand for limited access functions, generating random gameplay elements like maps, critical hits and matchmaking and choosing participants from network validators to make a key decision completely at random.

    Ultimately, incorporating Chainlink VRF will include fairness and a secure point of randomness for the dApps that developers are building on the Fantom network. Paired with Fantom’s fast network, low transaction fees and constant further improvements, there is no better time for developers to take advantage of Fantom’s EVM capabilities and start building on Fantom.