RemiBit’s Solution Is Poised To Disrupt Crypto Payments

RemiBit’s Solution Is Poised To Disrupt Crypto Payments

Bitcoin and altcoins are gaining traction as investment assets and mediums of exchange. Many users in the crypto space discover limitations or tradeoffs in the crypto tools they have at their disposal. RemiBit’s non-custodial Bitcoin and altcoin payment products attempt to solve this.

Designed to cover a wide range of crypto operations in a simple and effective fashion, RemiBit allows its users to send and receive transactions following the very philosophy which Bitcoin was created, Your keys, your crypto.

Thus, users have complete control of their funds. RemiBit lacks the single point of failure of centralized entities. RemiBit never takes control of the funds during a transaction and they move directly from the sender to the receiver in a matter of seconds.

With support for some of the top cryptocurrencies by market cap, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USD under the ERC-20 standard, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Zcash, Dogecoin and Commercium. RemiBit is compatible with any wallet capable of generating an extended public (XPUB) key.

However, users might find that the RemiBit Wallet offers more benefits, such as portability via web browsers, exchange integration, and multiple language options. This product is complemented by the RemiBit merchant app, both available on Google Play and Apple Store, which enables businesses to register and access multiple features.

What Makes RemiBit Unique?

Freelancers, e-commerce platforms, in-store, and others, can easily set up a web-based Point of Sale and integrate crypto payments into their business model. In addition, the app provides an Invoice Generator to be paid in Bitcoin or any of the supported cryptocurrencies. The invoice can be sent to a client and tracked with RemiBit’s activity panel.

Furthermore, the RemiBit Direct feature operates as a Business-to-Business payment tool. Upon registration, merchants receive a unique ID that enables them to ask or send crypto payments to each other. Within the app, users will find an Address Book to save contacts and simplify this process.

Any user or business around the world can use RemiBit’s suite of products. RemiBit has created plugins, which can be reviewed via their GitHub repository, to integrate main e-commerce solutions, such as PrestaShop, Magento, Drupal Commerce, WooCommerce, VirtueMart, Zencart, Os Commerce, and Ecwid.

This list could be expanded soon, and merchants can contact RemiBit’s support for further assistance on the matter. Additionally, there is a REST API enabling custom e-commerce to deploy a checkout service that can provide equal value for merchants.

At the moment, RemiBit has built-in support for Kraken. Users can deposit the aforementioned cryptocurrencies to exchange for fiat currency. This feature gives merchants and professionals operating with RemiBit more flexibility as they can develop crypto-based payment strategies. Also, it is possible to program automated deposits, customized exchange rules, and use Remibit’s InstaSell™ to deposit and sell cryptocurrencies with a single operation.

Although RemiBit can be used for free, with up to €500 in monthly sales and a 1% fee for any amount beyond that threshold, its two additional tiers offer greater advantages. For €19 a month, the monthly sales limit increases to €3000 with a 0.75% fee over the limit and access to features like the exchange integration.

For €39, monthly sales can reach €10000 before a 0.50% fee is put in place with all features included. Bigger clients can contact support to receive a personalized plan.