Bitcoin NFT “The Death Of Fiat” Commemorates Historic Crypto Bull Run

Bitcoin NFT “The Death Of Fiat” Commemorates Historic Crypto Bull Run

Bitcoin price is trading at beyond $50,000, altcoins are on fire, crypto companies are going public, and innovation is blossoming everywhere from DeFi to NFTs.

The entire crypto industry and the slow bleed death of fiat currencies like the dollar is all thanks to the first ever cryptocurrency: Bitcoin. To commemorate the changing of the guard across global finance, a unique NFT has been launched that’s tied to a one-of-a-kind physical art piece hand-made from uncirculated fiat currencies from around the globe.

The Birth of Bitcoin, “The Death of Fiat”

Bitcoin was the birth of blockchain technology, and the reason why ownership rights will forever be changed. So long as you retain your private keys, there’s no taking control over your money.

The technology also introduced digital scarcity, which is rapidly extending into the world of digital goods, with spillover into physical goods. The first Rolex NFTs already began rolling out on OpenSea representing the real-world luxury items, and there is now real-world physical art tied to the latest NFT on the same marketplace.

“The Death of Fiat #1” is an NFT built on Ethereum using the ERC-721 standard that is a digital representation of the fiat currencies “bleeding out” in BTC value.

NFT Includes Ownership Of Physical Art Made With Real Currencies

The buyer of the NFT will also receive exclusive ownership over the one-of-a-kind, hand-made portrait of “The Death of Fiat” at the hands of Bitcoin. A blood-stained Bitcoin “B” logo is splatted across real uncirculated fiat currencies from nations across the globe, such as the US dollar and Venezuelan bolivar.

More than $100 in fiat currencies are used in the exclusive art piece, painstakingly layered by hand for maximum visual impact.

The 24″ x 36″ framed and matted art piece ships globally to the token buyer worldwide for free.

Bitcoin was an experiment that brought the digital world to physical currencies. This art piece embodies the enormous impact the cryptocurrency has had ever since and is an experiment in its own right to bring physical goods into the digital art movement in a unique way that also highlights just how far Bitcoin has come in its short history.

“The Death of Fiat #1” is available currently on Check it out or place a bid now.


“The Death of Fiat #2” is now available, in addition to an Ethereum-inspired version dubbed “Drowning in Debt #1” that has also launched.

Finally, “Colorful Collapse of Currency #1” ditches the authentic fiat currency for printed paper $100 bills both created at a whim. The exclusive “Colorful Collapse of Currency #1” NFT is also now live on Rarible.

Each piece also awards the rights to ownership of a corresponding physical art piece.