First-Ever NFT Quest That Makes You Study the Art to get to the $135,000 Prize

First-Ever NFT Quest That Makes You Study the Art to get to the $135,000 Prize

A new wave on the NFT market has been triggered by SpaceSwap. The team has announced the release of the first-ever NFT quest, with a prize fund of over $135,000 and many NFTs as rewards. NFT Mania is based on a fully gamified platform where users complete a set of riddles to get to the prizes and explore the story of digital art along the way. The quest will be launched on May 3rd, 9:00 AM UTC – so save the date!

The team behind SpaceSwap says NFT Mania is designed to remind the crypto community of digital art’s original meaning. While the market becomes highly speculative, the SpaceSwap team wants to shift the focus back to the artists and what they want to express through their works. That’s why, to get to the prizes, users must complete tasks, each of which requires you to uncover the meaning hidden within the art pieces – the story behind how they were created or what inspired the artist.

How It Works

Users can play individually or in teams, there are no rules regarding this. Players compete for three main prizes, three chests where all the goodies are locked. In the first chest, users will find $20,000 worth of crypto in USDT and NFT farming cards. The second chest is worth $45,000, while the last chest holds more than $70,000 in crypto and NFT cards.

Each chest is a wallet that the participants will need to restore. Throughout the 12 days, users will be posed riddles and will have twenty-four hours to solve them. The answers will be hidden inside pictures and videos, which will be spread around social media and the NFT Mania website. It takes 14 days and 12 riddles to open a chest, each answer being a word from the seed phrase. On the last day, it will all come down to the fastest and the smartest. The quest for each chest will begin at the same time. Users will have the chance to compete and win three times!

At the same time, the team will initiate a number of Side Quests that will take only one day to resolve and for you to get your hands on the prize. All the rewards will be non-fungible tokens and to get to the art, users will have to solve the riddle centered around that piece and the artist’s overview of life. In this way, the team wants to incentivize crypto lovers to start treating digital art as any other traditional piece of art and not as just another transaction or speculation. The NFT collection curated for the game is as good as the rewards locked inside the chests.

The game is based on the SpaceSwap ecosystem and the first plot twist happens when an unknown thief steals the magic tale from a monkey called Mr. Mun to sell it. Mr. Mun decides to take revenge on people and steals all kinds of treasures that he then locks inside the chests. Players must try to regain the treasures.

Getting into NFT Mania

NFT Mania is at the crossroads of NFT gaming and NFT galleries, with amazing prizes in the end.

  • Prize fund: $135,000 in crypto and a collection of digital art.
  • Players: Users compete individually or in teams. To start playing, you only need to register. There are no transaction or membership fees.
  • Rules: The only rule users must follow is not to share answers over social media, otherwise they will be disqualified.
  • The game: The run for each chest lasts 12 days. Side Quests will be published every 3 days and take one day each to complete.
  • More about SpaceSwap

    SpaceSwap is an ecosystem of DeFi products built on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain. It includes LP and NFT farming, Index tokens, the NFT marketplace, and two tokens that power the tokenomics. The outlook on NFT as art to cherish and not speculate on comes from the SpaceSwap NFT marketplace – NFT Stars. The marketplace is a unique selection of works handpicked by the team and serves as an alternative to the traditional marketplaces that now remind us more of a warehouse. The NFT Stars team helps artists mint and promote their art, covers the Gas fees, and builds a custom page to display their whole collection.

    The SpaceSwap ecosystem became known for another reason. The company introduced its Shadow Staking technology which enables yield farming without the need to lock LP tokens in the protocol. The system reads all needed information directly from the users’ wallets, which makes the process much safer and easier while saving on transaction costs.

    Check the NFT Mania website where the game will take place. Join the official Telegram chat to discuss the details and follow SpaceSwap on Twitter to stay in the loop.

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