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Xternity Launches No-Code Web3 Infrastructure Platform After Closing On Pre-Seed Funding Round

9 Nov, 20222 min readOther
Xternity Launches No-Code Web3 Infrastructure Platform After Closing On Pre-Seed Funding Round

Startup Xternity has created a toolbox for developers to add Web3 capabilities to their legacy video games, and it’s now available in beta. The launch came as the company closed on a $4.5 million pre-seed fundraising round led by NFX, with participation from Jibe Ventures, Flori Ventures, Secret Chord Ventures and vGames.

Xternity, which is based in Israel, is all about helping Web2 games developers transition to the world of Web3. To do so, it has created a no-code platform that encompasses a multichain application programing interface, a customized crypto wallet, a platform for creating and minting non-fungible tokens, a customer relationship management tool for user analytics, and more besides.

Best of all, Xternity said it provides extensive support for numerous well known blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, Solana and others.

Web3 means many things to many different people, but in the video gaming world it’s a fairly simple concept. With Web3, video games players can earn rewards for playing games. By competing with other humans and completing daily challenges and tasks, players can earn NFTs and cryptocurrency as a reward for their efforts. Those rewards can then be exchanged for real life money, or else invested in various power-ups and accessories that make their in-game characters more powerful.

Web3 games have proven to be vastly popular, but for many legacy games developers it can be difficult to get started. Building with new technologies such as blockchain and NFTs normally requires specialist skills, and this is where Xternity comes in with its no-code platform, enabling developers to integrate Web3 elements with a few simple clicks.

“Xternity platform enables game developers to work with many blockchains simultaneously at scale while having a unified code experience, they also can add NFT assets, and game economy layers while focusing on their core mission,” explained Xternity co-founder and CTO Shahar Asher.

Xternity currently employs ten people and said it will use the funding from today’s round to hire five more to build out its product and engineering teams.


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