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XRP Primed for a 10% Downswing! Court Denies Ripple’s Motion to Quash SEC’s Expert’s Report!

20 Apr, 20223 min readRegulation
XRP Primed for a 10% Downswing! Court Denies Ripple’s Motion to Quash SEC’s Expert’s Report!

Judge NetBurn Allows SEC to Re-Depose

An SEC expert, Dr Albert Metz had concluded earlier that Ripple Lab is able to influence the XRP price with various announcements and news. And hence SEC is now keen on the report filed by the expert that can tackle the company. Therefore, Ripple had filed a motion to strike the supplemental report filed by the SEC expert. However, Judge Netburn denied the motion filed by the company and also extended the deadline for discovery until May 13, 2022.

Defence lawyer James Filan shared the ruling of the court disallowing the motion to stop SEC from filing the supplementary report.

The Court criticizes the SEC, finding that "the SEC has conducted itself improperly by serving an unauthorized supplemental report on the last day of discovery," but declines to strike the Metz Supplemental Report.— James K. Filan 90k+ (beware of imposters) (@FilanLaw) April 19, 2022

The lawyer also mentioned that the court also criticized the SEC’s move of filing the report on the last day of discovery. Moreover, SEC also said the report to be unauthorized and improperly conducted but also declined to strike off the Dr Metz report. With the recent update, the XRP community appears to be pretty annoyed due to the slow progress and constant delays in judgment.

XRP Price Analysis

The updates of the Ripple vs SEC case do not serve any major impact on the price nowadays but surely restricted the price to barge in through the pivotal levels. While the bullish trend is outspread within the crypto space, the XRP price opts to remain within the consolidated range. Moreover, it failed miserably to slice through the immediate resistance, showcasing a huge possibility of retesting the lower support in a short while from now.

The XRP price since the February flip was trending within a notable ascending triangle. But the recent market slash dragged the price below the lower support. And moreover, the price failed to re-enter the triangle which could have stabilized a healthy uptrend. And hence after the recent rejection, the possibility of the asset hitting the lower support at $0.71 appears to be imminent.

The Ripple vs SEC is being prolonged to a large extent while the court offers every chance for the agency to prove Ripple wrong. And hence sidelining the popular crypto asset from the market variations as many traders still appear to be a little uncertain.

However, the Attorney representing XRP holders, John Deaton believes the case could be wrapped up in the coming 90 days. And hence a significant upswing may be expected with the XRP price.


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