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XRP Will Explode If This Happens, David Gokhshtein Repeats as He Considers Grabbing More XRP

28 Sep, 20222 min readAltcoins
XRP Will Explode If This Happens, David Gokhshtein Repeats as He Considers Grabbing More XRP

Founder of Gokhshtein Media, podcaster and crypto enthusiast David Gokhshtein, has taken to Twitter to stress the importance of Ripple possibly winning against the SEC in court once again.

He even stated that he is considering adding more coins to the bags of XRP he is holding already.

"I want to push the XRP buy button"

Gokhshtein repeated what he has been saying in a few of his recent tweets about the possible win of Ripple in the legal battle against the SEC – if Ripple wins, he expects this victory to become a driver for a major price rise of XRP.

He admitted that he is "being repetitive" here but still added that he often feels like buying more XRP before its price explodes.

I keep looking at $XRP and I want to push the buy button and add to the bags.I am being repetitive, but if Ripple wins that case, its going to 🚀.— David Gokhshtein (@davidgokhshtein) September 28, 2022

In his previous tweets, the crypto influencer claimed that should Ripple win against the SEC regulatory agency, not only will XRP and Ripple get a major boost, but the whole crypto industry will go parabolic.

In 2020, Gokhshtein even assumed that those who hate XRP now will be using this digital token in the future.

Supporting SHIB, aside from XRP

XRP is not the only altcoin that David Gokhshtein has been supporting. He also often mentions the two biggest meme coins in his tweets – SHIB and Dogecoin.

He has overall been very supportive of Shiba Inu this year, saying that it has a great model, and that he sees it reaching $0.001 (but not $1 for some reason). Per his tweets, he believes that it is okay to hold both SHIB and DOGE and that Dogecoin may bring a lot of people into the crypto industry.


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