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XRP Bulls Charge Hard To Pull Prices Up Past $0.34 After A Dismal August

12 Sep, 20223 min readAltcoins
XRP Bulls Charge Hard To Pull Prices Up Past $0.34 After A Dismal August

XRP is looking extremely bullish on a short-term outlook. In the long game, the timeframe charts show an incredible selling opportunity in the next three months.

  • XRP looking bullish from a short-term perspective
  • Price mid-point of $0.36 is now poised as both key resistance and support zones
  • Ripple to target $1 next
  • However, XRP bulls may need to wait a little longer for a breach to take effect.

    In June, the crypto was seen to breach the support key of $0.39. Since the support zone was breached, this same level was also poised as the key resistance.

    XRP price was also spotted to form a range from $0.3 to $0.41, with the mid-point set at $0.36 which acted as both the resistance and support zones.

    XRP Bulls Losing Aggressiveness?

    In August, XRP is seen to try to breach the $0.39 level for two weeks. However, the bulls are running out of steam sending the price crashing down under the range’s mid-point. The price dropped further down to the $0.30 level after a couple of days.

    According to CoinMarketCap, XRP price has nosedived by 0.12 % or trading at $0.3558 as of this writing.

    Technical indicators for the token demonstrate a sudden twist in bearish foreplay. RSI has surged past 50 and hoisted it to act as support showing a strong uptick that could linger for the next couple of days.

    More so, the Accumulation/Distribution (A/D) line was able to breach the key resistance level spotted in May which is a very critical development so far.

    But, such development may not validate further progress above the $0.39 level. On the flip side, this would indicate that a breach is a possibility and could happen in a couple of weeks.

    XRP’s Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) also climbed, surpassing +0.08 showing remarkable buying activity.

    Spike In XRP Demand Shows Bullish Stance

    The sudden surge in the crypto’s demand indicates that the bulls may have taken the driver’s seat. However, a breach that would rip off the key resistance may take some time to happen.

    Beyond the SEC issues, the challenge is breaching the resistance line that has been rock-solid since May 2021.

    XRP has tested and failed this resistance zone many times but it’s dead-set to retest it again. Flipping the resistance zone will definitely help hoist XRP to target $1 next.


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