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XOXNO: Biggest NFT Marketplace on MultiversX Network Onboards Fiat Payments

9 Nov, 20223 min readNFT
XOXNO: Biggest NFT Marketplace on MultiversX Network Onboards Fiat Payments

XOXNO, the biggest NFT marketplace operating on MultiversX (Previously Elrond) Network has announced the introduction of fiat payment, providing on-ramps for creators of digital collectibles. The announcement comes in light of the marketplace’s achievement of $1 million in trading volumes, providing additional liquidity possibilities.

One-Stop-Shop for NFTs

Launched in early 2022, the XOXNO all-in-one marketplace offers unique features that benefit NFT users and creators, such as 1% trading fees and 0% listing fees. XOXNO is the largest NFT marketplace and aggregator on the MultiversX Network, offering users a staggering variety of digital assets. The platform is designed to be a one-stop shop for all digital collectors and a go-to solution for creators. The numerous tools embedded in the convenient interface provide both users and creators with a smooth and enjoyable user experience along with functionality.

The launch comes in light of ongoing NFT sales, which have seen the market’s capitalization reach $11.3 billion by the end of the third quarter of 2022. Along with the newly introduced fiat on-ramp, all major tokens circulating on Elrond are also supported as a payment method and as rewards within the XOXNO platform. The NFT sale fee cap of 1% further adds a layer of attractiveness to XOXNO for collectors seeking to acquire attractive and unique collectibles.

Advanced Features

The advanced user features provided on XOXNO include NFT staking pools that allow all platform participants to earn rewards, such as $EGLD, and other digital currencies. The advanced graphs and aggregated analytics give invaluable insight into market and price dynamics, allowing users to identify profitable entry and exit points, as well as appropriate moments for making profitable asset purchases and sales. The liquid sell offers on XOXNO operate on the basis of the Peer-to-Peer model, with NFT Swaps, Bulk purchases, Bundle SFT packs, and Private offers providing an array of options for any category of investors with different entry strategies.

Fiat Payments Come to XOXNO

XOXNO fiat payment integration foresees the acceptance of EUR and RON payments within the framework of the NFT marketplace. The new integration is intended to increase the appeal of the platform and its digital asset lineup before new mainstream NFT users and new audiences are willing to enter the market with fiat capital. The new payment gateway allows clients to make use of any VISA or MasterCard for payments. The integration was made possible thanks to a partnership with Twispay – an electronic money institution licensed by the National Bank of Romania.

A Place for Creators

As a marketplace for all market participants, XOXNO is being positioned as a self-onboarding launchpad for creators, focusing on allowing them to make a market entry with as little effort and as few onboarding steps as possible. The platform also allows users to mint new NFT assets with EGLD, RON, and EUR while ensuring automatic royalty payments for creators.

The integration of fiat payments is a major step in the development of the XOXNO platform, allowing the marketplace and its users to bridge the gap between the traditional economy and decentralized space. Given the growing interest of major brands and businesses in NFT applications on Web3, the ability to provide a smoother purchasing experience through traditional fiat is giving the XOXNO platform a head start in fast-tracking adoption.


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