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Who Wants to be a Crypto Millionaire? Budblockz, Axie Infinity, and Solana Look to Make Great Headway in Q4 2022.

17 Oct, 20223 min readOther
Who Wants to be a Crypto Millionaire? Budblockz, Axie Infinity, and Solana Look to Make Great Headway in Q4 2022.

One thing you should consider when you purchase a cryptocurrency is whether or not their views align with yours. More often than not, your views are common and sought worldwide, meaning the crypto you purchase will also be popular. Therefore, finding cryptocurrencies that align with your views and are on the rise can lead you to success.

Please continue reading to learn about Budblockz, Axie Infinity, and Solana to determine whether these cryptocurrencies are a good investment for you. We will discuss the mission statements and Q4 projections for these cryptos.

Budblockz Mission

Budblockz prides itself on being the first online eCommerce that allows people to access cannabis markets worldwide. Cannabis popularity and legalization are spreading rampantly across the United States because many people are on board with it these days. So, if you care about the legalization of cannabis and you’re interested in investing, Budblockz is a good option for you.

Thanks to the legalization of cannabis throughout the United States and the popularity of the substance, investing in Budblockz for Q4 would be wise. This coin is a popular alternative option for crypto investors.

Axie Infinity Mission

Gaming is an industry that is only getting more popular by the day. Whether you enjoy watching other people play video games or enjoy them yourself, Axie Infinity would be a good option. Blockchain games are a revolutionary way for gamers to connect.

There are tons of niches in the gaming industry, and if you’re a traditional gamer, you can appreciate investing in Axie Infinity. Projections for Axie Infinity in Q4 are looking great as more gamers are hoping for this crypto.

Solana Mission

Solana gained popularity in 2020 because they were one of the most popular proof of stake cryptocurrencies. Now that climate change is a big concern and the Ethereum merge has happened, many investors are seeking more proof of stake cryptos to invest in. Proof of state crypto consumes much less energy than proof of work crypto, which reduces greenhouse gases.

Many people project success for Solana in Q4 thanks to the rising popularity of proof of stake crypto over proof of work.

Things To Consider

You can invest in many cryptocurrencies, so you need to consider a few things beforehand. Otherwise, you’ll end up investing in a cryptocurrency in which you are not interested.

  • Whether the mission statement of the crypto applies to your desires.
  • The projected success of the cryptocurrency.
  • How that cryptocurrency is changing the game.
  • When you consider these things before you purchase, you ensure that you pick the right crypto for your desires.

    Final Thoughts

    Everyone wants to be a crypto millionaire and get rich by investing in crypto. You must keep up with the crypto market to ensure you receive large profits. Q4 Projections for Budblockz, Axie Infinity, and Solana are looking great, and right now might be the time to invest. These three cryptocurrencies are popular among people in their industries.

    Learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:


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