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What are the trending cryptocurrencies right now and why are they trending despite the current market conditions?

20 Nov, 20225 min readAltcoins
What are the trending cryptocurrencies right now and why are they trending despite the current market conditions?

Will the crypto market pick up and dash out of its current low state anytime soon? That’s something that no one is sure about. The market is currently in a recovery period and there will be a lot more time required before it reaches the glorious highs of last year.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t projects that are growing and catching the attention of the crypto community. The bear market happens to be a great time to scout for gems and there are a few projects in particular that look like they can be trending cryptocurrencies not just now but in the future.

In recent weeks. Two of those projects are RobotEra and Calvaria – both of which are notable developments in the highly desirable blockchain gaming space. Let’s dive into what makes these projects so special.

Which Cryptocurrencies are Trending During this Bear Market?

TARO’s first presale stage is selling the token at $0.020

The key trend in the crypto market right now is metaverses and gaming. Of this, there is no doubt, as investments are pouring into projects that are working on such features. It’s also clear why – Play-to-Earn features offer investors a reliable way to earn passive income and plus, it’s just fun.

That’s why RobotEra has been making such a massive splash with its presale. This is a metaverse project where players present themselves in the virtual world as futuristic robots, which they can obtain through purchasing NFTs.

However, RobotEra is not just your typical metaverse that just has robot-themed skin on top of it. The key selling point is the fact that it has a variety of mechanisms through which it becomes an engaging social experience. This includes participating in various activities and social experiences – like music concerts, nightclubs, salons, and museums – through their robot identities.

The team behind the project understands that a metaverse must have a strong social foundation and to that end, it even lets players create their own interactive experiences. This is something that has enormous potential as it allows players to create their own enjoyment, much like a sandbox game. They will not need any coding experience to do this, which opens up the process to everybody.

Players will also be able to create their own buildings and robots. These robots can also become companions to players. Things created by players can be sold on a marketplace and there may be a lot of potential in selling robot companions. They can also sell continents and other NFT commodities.

One particularly clever way to earn, in terms of being an engaging social platform, is by hosting events and selling tickets. Other earning mechanisms include selling virtual real estate and creating a steady stream of revenue from land management fees. Players can also mine rewards which will appear on occasion.

All of these features come together to establish RobotEra’s “to provide players with a powerful multi-dimensional metaverse platform that integrates entertainment, creation, management, exploration, and interaction.”

The TARO token is what fuels the economy of RobotEra. The events players host will earn them TARO, as the tickets must be priced in this currency. TARO can also be staked for an attractive APY – a good way to earn if you don’t have the time to participate in other activities.

Go On, #RobotEra Army! 📣Join the presale now and don't miss a chance for massive gains ⬇️ — RobotEra (@robotera_io) November 17, 2022

TARO is currently experiencing its presale and RobotEra’s mechanics have been drawing in a large crowd. RobotEra is currently conducting its first presale stage, with the price of TARO at $0.020. Future stages will see the price rise, with the second stage seeing it go to $0.025. The third and final stage will see the price go to $0.032. TARO can be bought with either USDT or ETH, and the minimum investment is $20.

Like RobotEra, Calvaria is also making a huge splash in the blockchain gaming space. This is a card battler game with both F2P and P2E versions. Accessibility is the key characteristic of Calvaria and the team has done a lot to make it as approachable as possible. For one thing, players will not need a crypto wallet or hold any crypto to get started playing.

The P2E version has features such as wagering on tournaments and receiving royalty payments. The other features of Calvaria are staking the RIA token, a scholarship system, mini-games, and an in-game store. The artwork in the game is also quite striking, and holding these NFTs gives players in terms of that as well.

RobotEra and Others Have Potential in a Bear Market

The crypto market might be down at the moment but there’s no reason for investors to lose all hope. Metaverse projects like RobotEra and P2E games like Calvaria are proving that there’s plenty of reason to be optimistic. What’s most important, as proven by these projects, is that they have something unique to them. If these appeal to you, you should give them a good look.

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