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Top Altcoins Ready For Accumulation This Week, LTC, EOS, & ATOM Price Set to Explode Soon

5 Sep, 20223 min readAltcoins
Top Altcoins Ready For Accumulation This Week, LTC, EOS, & ATOM Price Set to Explode Soon

Crypto markets in recent times have witnessed severe pressure from either side, so Bitcoin continues to struggle at around $20,000. The altcoins are also experiencing a similar drain but sustaining strongly within the accumulation phase. Therefore, top altcoins like Litecoin(LTC), Eos (EOS), and Cosmos (ATOM), may thrive very soon.


Litecoin price began the September trade on a bullish note by surpassing the crucial 50-day MA levels. Despite the bearish action, the price maintained the newly formed support levels, displaying the possibility of reaching the pivotal resistance very soon. If the LTC price continues to hold the support at $59, then higher the chances of surging above $75.

The LTC price now seems to have found a base to get the required boost to propel towards the next target. However, a minor pullback is also expected that may drag the price below these levels. On reaching the demand zone again, the asset may rise high as a result of a catapult action led by a notable influx of liquidity. The price target may be elevated to $80 before the end of the monthly trade.

Eos (EOS)

EOS price is on an uptick ever since the rally rebounded during mid of June. With a couple of enlarged spikes, the price has raised the targets beyond $2. However, inverse price action may hinder the asset for a while, yet a notable rebound is imminent.

The asset has always been waiting for a trigger to surge high towards the next levels. Recently, the asset revisited the trigger at $1.36 and surged beyond $1.56. Therefore, currently, the price is plunging notably and is expected to hit the trigger again to propel high. For the upcoming week, the target for LTC price is around $1.85 but until the monthly close, the asset may trade above $2.

Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmos (ATOM) is displaying a very strong price action by forming constant higher highs and lows for the past couple of months. However, continued price action may be expected ahead, but may result in a massive leg up to surge above $15 soon.

After breaking above a huge falling wedge, the ATOM price raised above the descending consolidation. Amid the extreme bearish pressure, the price held the pivotal zones firmly and bounced back. However, before propelling towards the target, the price is expected to hover just above the support at $11.5 for a while and surge by nearly 50% to hit levels above $17 very soon.


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