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Steady Progress of CoinEx Globalization: Taking Users as the Foundation and Building Localization Services

14 Oct, 20224 min readOther
Steady Progress of CoinEx Globalization: Taking Users as the Foundation and Building Localization Services

In 2020, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide led to a slowdown in global economic growth. Uncertainties in the capital market plunged the financial market into darkness. In March of the same year, CoinEx, a crypto trading platform, launched a global Ambassador program, providing new job opportunities for countless blockchain enthusiasts around the world who were seriously affected or even unemployed during the epidemic and helping them obtain income amidst global economic instability. At the same time, thousands of Ambassadors from all over the world played a crucial role in helping CoinEx with its marketing promotion and localization services in various language areas, contributing to the globalization of CoinEx.

The globalization of CoinEx, of course, is not just limited to the recruitment and training of global Ambassadors. More importantly, it depends on the building of elite marketing teams of CoinEx in various language areas around the world and the continuous improvement of localization services. Upon its inception, CoinEx supported only Chinese and English, but now its website and App are available in 16 languages, i.e. Chinese (both simplified and traditional), English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Thai, Korean, Persian, Turkish, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Arabic.

It took CoinEx five years to make such transformation. This process may seem slow in the eyes of those pursuing quick success. Going after one-sided “globalization”, some crypto trading platforms rushed to support dozens of national or regional languages at the same time on their website and Apps within a short period of time. However, the user experience is horrible since users can hardly understand the content in their own languages on the platform. Some industry-specific terms, roughly translated with Google Translate, become obscure and have made user experience even worse.

At the same time, these platforms have no marketing or service teams in local regions, with no online or offline events for users. What they present is a platform with plain descriptions in stiff language, generating no user loyalty. Such “globalization” is merely a proud boast.

CoinEx is well aware that true globalization is not just a verbal objective, but a milestone that needs to be reached step by step. In terms of marketing, in addition to the Ambassador program, CoinEx has recruited partners worldwide to establish marketing service teams in the local regions. The exchange also constantly holds industrial meetups and exchanges offline to make close contact with its users, collect users’ feedback and suggestions, and discuss industry trends and future development with them. The countless online events are also well-received among users, serving as the bridge between users and enhancing user loyalty. What’s more, CoinEx often brings its users benefits and grows together with them.

CoinEx provides services available in the local language across various language areas. With a strong professional user service team, users from 16 language areas can freely browse the web in their own languages, use CoinEx products, and enjoy an easy and smooth trading experience on the platform.

With a user base that exceeded 3 million long before, CoinEx has built access to the crypto world across 200 countries and regions around the world. In the past five years, CoinEx has been recognized and chosen by an increasing number of crypto users worldwide. With its popularity and reputation continuously improved, CoinEx has made a step further toward its goal of globalization.

Yet CoinEx aims for more than the steady progress of globalization. In the process of globalization, CoinEx always puts product services and user experience first. While expanding its presence in the international market, CoinEx insists on improving its products, stays loyal to its users, and makes constant upgrades to create easier-to-use crypto products and a smoother crypto trading experience. For CoinEx, users are the foundation of its globalization. Only by creating a better user experience and providing more localization services can CoinEx make steady progress toward globalization and embark on a brand-new journey.


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