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Here’s How Shiba Inu Token Will Be Burned on Amazon!

27 May, 20222 min readOther
Here’s How Shiba Inu Token Will Be Burned on Amazon!

Shiba Inu is now planning to partner alongside Amazon, one of the globe’s biggest and best eCommerce platforms. Shiba Inu and its owners will benefit greatly from it. Shiba Inu’s awareness is increased as a result of the announcement, and potential investors have additional payment options.

Travis Johnson’s SHIB burn games—which perform regular SHIB burns once a month revealed that they will soon be burning SHIB using Amazon.

Burning SHIB influencer marketing on Amazon

The business has indeed gotten introduced here to the Amazon affiliate network, according to the group operating the Twitter account. From now on, the shop plans to put 1 to 20% of its income into purchasing SHIB, which would eventually be burnt.

***NEW WAYTO BURN SHIB*** has been accepted into the Amazon affiliate program!Use the Amazon link on the front page!You can buy literally anything! By using the link provided, depending on item, between 1% and 20% of purchase price will be burned! — SHIB Super Store (@shib_superstore) May 26, 2022

On the 15th of every month, the business used to offer regular Shiba burnings. However, according to a new version, meme coins would now be burnt each Sunday.

The initiative has burnt 2,036,128,785 Shiba Inu in total, with some of the funds coming through game advertising, SHIB-branded merchandise, and a SHIB-themed YouTube channel.

In just 2 days, 220 million SHIB were burned.

As per Shibburn Twitter, a total of 220 million SHIB tokens have indeed been successfully delivered to unstable wallets, i.e., burnt, with no possibility of either being withdrawn within the last 48 hours.

Within the last 24 hours, 99,868,377 meme coins were indeed taken off from circulation, whereas 119,604,404 Shiba Inu were burnt the day before.

Will the price of SHIBA INU skyrocket shortly after the amazon affiliate program, or will it stay the same? Keep an eye out for future news updates!


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