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Sanctor Capital Makes Strategic Investment in Play-to-Earn Project Rainicorn

9 Nov, 20212 min readOther
Sanctor Capital Makes Strategic Investment in Play-to-Earn Project Rainicorn

Sanctor Capital, a thesis-driven venture firm, is pleased to announce its strategic investment in Rainicorn, to support its ongoing development of a highly-anticipated play-to-earn trading card game, The Lords of Light. This is one of the investments for Sanctor Capital under their newly announced inaugural $20 million fund focused on GameFi.

Raini has pioneered an approach to combining multiple innovative hybrid products that incorporate NFTs into DeFi concepts and packaging them into a single hub, accessible through a staking model. This ecosystem, coined the “Rainiverse”, includes The Lords of Light which has seen widespread adoption since recently selling out 2,000 card packs and a popular play-to-earn incentive design.

This backing via Sanctor comes with a comprehensive approach to investment, including a position in Sanctor’s Turbo program, aimed at providing Web3 innovators with the tools they need to rapidly grow, including marketing, distribution, networking, and development assistance.

Ilya Abugov, Sanctor Partner, said that “The Rainiverse has merged art and games in an exciting community-focused way. Their curated art platform has become an understated crypto destination, and The Lords of Light game promises to infuse new crypto life into card game concepts many of us grew up with. Raini is more than an art platform, more than a game platform, and this is only the beginning.”

@Artkin, Raini co-founder, expressed “We are incredibly excited to be partnering with Sanctor, who have a strong focus on play-to-earn and metaverse projects. The additional support they bring to the table will be incredibly helpful in establishing Raini as a key player in this space.”

Raini’s product suite in addition to The Lords of Light crosses out of blockchain gaming, into the distribution of artistic NFTs that can be staked and provide farming rewards, and an expanding lineup of NFT drops. These include some with associated physical deliverables through their partners at Krew Studios, a production team known for their work with A-list celebrities and fashion brands. Raini and Krew will soon be launching their inaugural NFT collaboration for actor and artist Jordi Molla.


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