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Roubini Says Binance CEO Looks Like North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un

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Roubini Says Binance CEO Looks Like North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un

NYU economics professor Nouriel Roubini has ramped up his criticism of Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, comparing him to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in a recent tweet.

This comes after Roubini's Twitter account seemingly became inundated with hundreds of trolls and bots impersonating the Binance boss. "When someone criticizes them they unleash their army of trolls & bots! No wonder the @cz_binance photo looks like the one of Kim Jong-un," the economist wrote.

As reported by U.Today, Roubini said that Zhao was "even shadier" than FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, calling into question the former's attempts to save the crypto industry following the gigantic and fast-moving downfall of the top competitor.

The outspoken cryptocurrency critic also said that he could not believe that Binance has a license to operate in the UAE since the ecosystem is "totally corrupt."

In a recent interview, Zhao slammed Roubini for spreading "negative energy," accusing "Dr. Doom" of being "very impolite." The head of the largest cryptocurrency said that he does not care about this kind of criticism.

In response, Roubini slammed Binance for allegedly allowing the Iranian regime to launder roughly $8 billion worth of crypto, referring to a recent Reuters report that has been disputed by Binance.

The economist predicts that the U.S. Department of Justice will go after Zhao personally.

In September, Reuters reported that U.S. federal prosecutors asked Binance to provide records as part of an anti-money laundering probe.


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