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Ripple vs SEC Settlement Could be Highly Possible Very Soon-Claims a Laywer!

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Ripple vs SEC Settlement Could be Highly Possible Very Soon-Claims a Laywer!

The Ripple vs SEC lawsuit is grabbing more attention as the possibility of a settlement has been hovering over time. After a prolonged discussion and pointing each other out, both parties may soon end up agreeing to a settlement before the summary judgment. A popular lawyer claims the settlement could be fast approaching.

Bill Morgan, replying to a query noted that Hinman’s documents may be the biggest leverage that Ripple can carry. Therefore to safeguard the details of the documents, the court may certainly push for a settlement.

Not necessarily if keeping the Hinman documents confidential is a term of settlement. That is why having them gives Ripple real leverage in settlement negotiations— bill morgan (@Belisarius2020) November 23, 2022

However, the lawyer also notes that the settlement discussions are kept confidential for a reason. Public policy is involved maintaining confidentiality to encourage open discussions required to reach a settlement and encourage the resolution of litigation. Hence, it can be derived that the settlement may occur at any time regardless of whether the SEC intends to keep on disagreeing.

Meanwhile, Ripple’s reply to the SEC’s brief on the summary judgment motion could be sent to the judge by November 30, which is believed to be very pivotal at the moment. Besides, John Deaton, the attorney representing XRP holders in court, also noted conditions for the settlement. According to him either SEC giving Hinman’s documents would trigger a Settlement or when the LBRY’s token LBC will be sought to be recognized as a security.

A settlement in the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit is widely anticipated, as the token could be relisted. However, rumours and speculations have been swirling for quite some time, with no firm date in sight.


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