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'Pre-Mined ADA Myth' Busted by Cardano Community: Details

2 Nov, 20222 min readAltcoins
'Pre-Mined ADA Myth' Busted by Cardano Community: Details

Cardano (ADA) ecosystem veterans Cardanians shared a detailed post about the role of the initial ("pre-mined") ADA supply in the early development of the blockchain's ecosystem.

Cardano (ADA) community should not worry about ADA pre-mined supply

In a new longread, representatives of the Cardanians staking pool explained that "pre-mined" ADA coins should be neither interpreted as a centralization instrument nor as a threat to Cardano's (ADA) sustainability.

Is #Cardano a scam just because of pre-mined $ADA coins? No, because the IOG team distributed the coins in a fair way and the #PoS network could not have been launched any other and better way. — Cardanians 🚀 stake w CRDNS (@Cardanians_io) November 2, 2022

According to this text, even Bitcoin (BTC), which was introduced 14 years ago, was not decentralized from the very beginning. The first mining rewards were controlled by a small group of enthusiasts.

At the same time, it was necessary to launch a new blockchain and keep it secure. Even nowadays, a monstrous amount of Bitcoins (BTC) is still stored in a so-called "Satoshi wallet."

Over 1.12 million Bitcoins (BTC) are stored on this wallet; however, this does not expose the Bitcoin (BTC) network or its mining ecosystem to a centralization threat.

Migration to PoS made Cardano (ADA) fully decentralized

Not unlike with early Bitcoiners, initially, the ADA supply was controlled by three entities — IOHK (now IOG), Emurgo and the Cardano Foundation.

Meanwhile, when Cardano (ADA) migrated to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus, such centralized distribution stopped affecting the current status of Cardano (ADA) decentralization.

As covered by U.Today previously, Cardano (ADA) remains among the most popular proof-of-stake (PoS) ecosystems. Prior to the Merge activation by Ethereum (ETH), it had been the largest PoS chain.


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