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Osmosis unveils a demo NFT builder

22 Jun, 20222 min readNFT
Osmosis unveils a demo NFT builder

Osmosis has unveiled a demo NFT builder that allows users to mint NFTs and unlock accessories as they interact with the ecosystem, according to a June 20 tweet.

The demo NFT builder will allow users to complete missions and unlock other accessories. In addition, users can use the unlocked accessories to customize the different NFTs created in the demo.

@osmosisnfts is looking to have fun and give users new ways to mint #NFTs make them continuous and explore their potential utilityHere is a closer sneak peek at what the demo looks like 😍 — Wosmos NFTs (@osmosisnfts) June 20, 2022

The Osmosis team further stated that the demo NFT would give “users new ways to mint NFTs and make them continuous and explore their potential utility.”

Gradual recovery

As covered in a June 9 report, Osmosis was the subject of an exploit that resulted in the loss of around $5 million. The exploitation came after the disclosure of a bug that allowed users to earn an extra 50% when adding and withdrawing liquidity.

As a result, the team shut down the chain to resolve the bug. The chain restarted on June 12, after the team updated the security protocols.

On June 16, the decentralized exchange announced the launch of a cross-system token swap. The token swap enabled by Axelar allows users to swap or exchange tokens with the Ethereum ecosystem without a third party.

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