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Optimism Hacker Promises to Return 18M OP Tokens, Sends Another 1M to Buterin

10 Jun, 20221 min readOther
Optimism Hacker Promises to Return 18M OP Tokens, Sends Another 1M to Buterin

Buterin has received another batch of one million OP tokens, including a message that the attacker believes in Ethereum’s co-founder. Moreover, the person who swiped the 20 million coins promised to return the remaining to Wintermute and Optimism.

  • CryptoPotato reported yesterday the drama that unfolded recently between Optimism and Wintermute – a liquidity provider partner.
  • The Ethereum Layer-2 solution was supposed to send 20 million OP tokens to Wintermute’s addresses, but the latter provided the wrong one. Instead of the Optimism Layer-2 wallet, Wintermute gave an Ethereum Layer-1 address.
  • This meant that the assets were effectively inaccessible due to an incompatibility due to multi-sig tech.
  • While Wintermute was contemplating switching to Layer-2 to receive the funds, an unknown perpetrator beat the company to the punch and swiped all 20 million tokens.
  • The firm took responsibility for its mistake and urged the attacker to return the funds before revealing their identity and pursuing them in court.
  • It seems this had an effect as the hacker sent one million tokens, somewhat surprisingly, to a wallet belonging to Vitalik Buterin.
  • Today, they made another such transaction, but this one carried a special message for Ethereum’s co-founder. It reads that the attacker believes in Buterin and asked for his opinion on what to do with the funds.
  • As far as Wintermute and Optimism go, the hacker said they were “sorry” and added that they only had “18M, and this is what I can return.”
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