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Locker Token Launches Strategic Partnership With Pro Hockey Development Group

31 Oct, 20224 min readBlockchain
Locker Token Launches Strategic Partnership With Pro Hockey Development Group

Locker Token continues to grow its roster of Hockey athletes, with youth players now being added to the blockchain through family-owned player cards.

Ice hockey continues to further its development into Web3 sports. A recent onboarding spree from Locker Token sees the Pro Hockey Development Group (PHDG) become the newest member of its roster, bringing over 600,000 of its Canadian-registered members to the blockchain, complete with player-specific trading cards and their respective attributes.

The partnership will provide PHDG with technology to create and mint 1-for-1 NFTs for every player on its books. Each NFT will be unique, and complete with player attributes and rarity embedded in the metadata of the playing card.

Youth Development Key To Ice Hockey, and NFTs

The onboarding of one of Ice Hockey’s largest youth establishments to Locker provides support to younger grassroots players, particularly when it comes to being noticed by scouts, while allowing teams and governing bodies to earn additional revenue in doing so.

Scouts can look to use the blockchain to supplement player ability in line with the card’s attributes, instead of having to physically be there and watch them. This data-driven approach has seen a recent uptick in adoption in Soccer, through the use of football manager databases. Using NFT player card databases to help validate performance, could well be the future of Ice Hockey scouting.

“Pro Hockey Development Group and Highlight Sports are excited to announce our partnership with Locker Token. The Locker Token team have created an exciting digital platform, and we look forward to bringing a variety of NFT’s and collectibles to our players.” remarked Lindsay Hofford, President of Pro Hockey Development Group/Highlight Sports.

As with any sports team, a vehement focus should be placed on youth, to ensure a continuing flow of young talent into professional sports. The partnership between the two can be seen as a sign of increased support to youth players in helping to amplify their careers and showcase their abilities, all through the power and creativity of NFTs.

“Ensuring we have a roster that caters to all ages is of paramount importance to Locker, as it is with any other sports team. With the introduction of Pro Hockey Development Group, we now have a grassroots element to the offering, of which players can directly benefit from their abilities being amplified by Locker.” said Pat Curcio, Head of Partnerships at Locker.

Rarities, Stats & Ownership

Each player card is set to be unique, with attributes including goals, assists, and accomplishments updated in real-time. This provides each card with a form of dynamic rarity, whereby the more prominent the player becomes in terms of performance, the more sought after the card – and the player – could become.

A rarity table in the form of a leaderboard will then showcase player ability, in numerical order of attributes. Player names will be redacted to ensure protection of youth players, and the first mint will only be available to parent purchasers. Player cards will not initially be purchasable by any other individual other than the player’s parent. Cards can then be shared by the parent with any approaching scouts or teams, subject to their own due diligence.

Next Steps

The onboarding of players to the Locker Marketplace is due to begin in due course, with the first players expected to be uploaded over the next month. Parents can then purchase the NFT playing card for their child through the app, using cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Polygon or Locker Token – to purchase the respective card. Cards can then be stored via the Locker app on both iOS and Android.


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