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Learn Why IMPT is Leading the Next Gen of Crypto Tokens: Sustainability at its Core

5 Nov, 20224 min readOther
Learn Why IMPT is Leading the Next Gen of Crypto Tokens: Sustainability at its Core

Presales tell a lot about the growth potential of a project. The latest presale to take the crypto market by storm is IMPT. The Web3 sustainability project has already secured $12,047,562.37 out of its $25,980,000 target and is clearly on the road to an early sell-out. According to leading crypto publications, it is the next 100X crypto.

What did IMPT do differently to challenge the broader market trends? Here’s a closer look at IMPT and why it’s raging.

IMPT Simplifies the Carbon Market

A core vision of blockchain technology is to decentralize industries through trustless, transparent transactions. If used wisely, blockchain has the potential to facilitate the fair distribution of profit generated from collective endeavors. However, few projects focus on this, sidetracked by quick money-making schemes.

IMPT is an emerging crypto-blockchain ecosystem that bridges the gap between high-impact environmental projects and environmentally-responsible businesses and individuals who are keen on minimizing their carbon footprint. The IMPT marketplace allows fast and easy trading of carbon credits, sourced from a wide range of (regulated) initiatives dedicated to restoring and regenerating the planet.

Interestingly, the platform issues carbon credits as NFTs. It goes a long way in preventing the risks of double spending and allied scams common in the carbon market. You need to retire them on the marketplace to compensate for your carbon footprint. You will receive a specially-designed NFT artwork every time you burn a carbon credit.

In essence, IMPT lowers the technical barrier to the carbon market and opens it up for all.

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The Web3 Way of Responsible Shopping

Apart from a carbon marketplace, IMPT hosts a shopping platform where you can buy products and earn IMPT tokens. Once they accrue to a significant amount, you can trade them for carbon credit NFTs on the IMPT marketplace. IMPT has partnered with leading global brands like Samsung, River Island, Bloomingdales and Bodega to incentivize responsible shopping.

Environmentally-responsible businesses can register on the IMPT shopping platform and allocate a specific sales margin to IMPT’s carbon credit program. IMPT also introduces a green social platform, where businesses and individuals can track their IMPT score based on their contribution to carbon-offsetting initiatives.

Ways to increase your IMPT score include shopping from the IMPT store, getting an NFT carbon credit, referring new users, and retiring carbon credits. The gamification of carbon offsetting further improves the success rate of the Web3 initiative against climate change.

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Consumers are now more conscious about their carbon footprint, thanks to social media. It leaves businesses with no choice but to invest in regenerative projects as a means to cultivate positive brand recognition. Of course, this is in addition to mandatory carbon offsetting.

All of this contributes to the growth of the carbon offset market, both in the mandatory and volunteer sectors, valued at around $271 billion and $2 billion, respectively, as of 2021. Statistics and forecasts from the global carbon market reinstate IMPT’s relevance as a green investment and initiative.

IMPT Presale is Heading to an Early Sell-Out


IMPT is currently in the second stage of presale at just $0.023/token. While it is scheduled to end on 31 January 2023, the tokens are likely to sell out much earlier, judging by the increasing interest in the project.

As one of the most promising green projects that cater to the booming carbon market, IMPT makes an excellent long-term crypto investment in 2022.

IMPT presale investors also stand a chance to win $100k in IMPT tokens.

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