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Keplr wallet trends as Kujira claims $360K integration fee prohibits development

12 Sep, 20223 min readOther
Keplr wallet trends as Kujira claims $360K integration fee prohibits development

Cosmos DeFi project, Kujira took to Twitter Sunday to bemoan a $360,000 per year charge to integrate natively into the popular Keplr wallet. Kujira stated, “for that price we could build multiple wallets a year.” The term “Keplr” was trending on Crypto Twitter as of Monday morning.

The response came as a part of a Twitter discussion where one supporter asked, “why no Keplr integration guys?”

Cause we're not gonna pay $360k per year for the privilege. For that price we could build multiple wallets a year. Also, we feel like the Kujira ecosystem needs a dedicated wallet. Advanced trading, ORCA bids etc never gonna find their way onto a 3rd party one.— Kujira 🉐 (@TeamKujira) September 11, 2022

The Kujira team went on to state that to deliver on its proposed feature set, a dedicated Kurija wallet is needed.

According to the governance proposal for the Juno integration into Keplr, the fee is $360,000 for a 12-month integration. The vote passed in January with an 85% approval rate. The Juno Community Pool paid the price “for development, operations, and infrastructure for Keplr Wallet native integration.”

A debate continued on Twitter as to whether the fee should be more transparent and whether it offers fair value. One user argued, “Do you know any developers or workers exempt from living expenses, rent, mortgage, health & food costs?” While another asserted, “360k just for integration to a wallet is crazy! There’s no charge for any other wallets .”

Permissionless integration has no fee, but a dApp using this method will not be featured natively in the Keplr wallet. Essentially, “native integration” is part of the Keplr monetization model, with projects paying a fee to be prominently featured. No support, endpoint infrastructure, or staking is available for permissionless integrations.

The integration section of the Keplr website shown above does not indicate the price for native integration. In the space reserved for pricing information, the Keplr website reads ‘Get in Touch.’

This pricing model often means that the cost depends on the complexity of the integration and bespoke for each customer. However, current information suggests that the price is a flat $360,000 per year.

CryptoSlate reached out to the Keplr partnership team but has not yet received a response.

Also known as Akiba, Liam is a journalist and editor of Blocklight at CryptoSlate. He believes that decentralized ledger technology has the potential to make widespread positive change. He predicts the next 10 years will bring in a dawn of a new age of technological innovation.


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