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KAIF Holding Incorporates DAO Business Model to Build a Community-Oriented Organizations

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KAIF Holding Incorporates DAO Business Model to Build a Community-Oriented Organizations

Before the advent of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), there were no adequate mechanisms to foster operational interaction between organizations and their customers. A company where the product users are actively participating in the affairs of the company will not only enjoy first-hand feedback but will also have a valuable community. The DAO business model fosters user participation and community culture in business.

Many business establishments have incorporated the DAO model, giving users and customers an active voice. Since DAO is a new trend that allows business organizations and companies to develop faster due to the opinion of brand fans, companies to first integrate the DAO technology will undoubtedly be ahead of others in the global market. It will make their product more popular, and therefore their capitalization will grow. For example, imagine a sports club where fans decide what players to play or who to buy in the transfer market. Such an arrangement will undoubtedly increase fans’ involvement in games and drive sales, thereby making more money for the organization.

KAIF Holding has integrated the DAO model into its business by building the KAIF DAO Platform, the world’s first-ever vote-to-earn platform. Additionally, KAIF Holding will test the DAO platform on its own businesses before integrating other businesses. For example, the DSV LEOBAN (Austrian football club), PHM Racing (German formula 4 racing team), and KAIF Boxing are already in platform their fans are testing how it works. Once the testing is complete, multiple business establishments are already in line to leverage the KAIF DAO Platform. The platform also plans to have its IDO soon, and the project’s potential looks good.

More Details about the KAIF DAO Platform

KAIF DAO platform is a community-based entity designed to enable business organizations to engage their customers through voting, activities, and proposals. One of the community members can send a proposal highlighting the change or modification needed to improve the product or service rendered by the organization. Once the proposal is active, community members will vote for or against the modification following the principle of DAO. The system ensures that every vote counts. To be eligible to initiate proposals and vote, members will have to be holders of the DAO passport of the organization (company, sports clubs, or city) they want to be a member of.

The community culture enabled by the KAIF DAO platform brings immense benefits to both business organizations and their users. For example, the organization will have access to a valuable and motivated community of users or customers, all working for the organization’s success. On the part of the users, they get rewarded with tokens for their activities within the community. With the tokens, these users can purchase exclusive products within the organization.

The team behind the KAIF DAO platform is also working to ensure the inclusion of people in countries where the token issue has been banned. They created the IP-SHARES option for people in such countries to purchase the KAIF token and be part of the community. In its project roadmap, KAIF DAO platform IDO will be released in the coming months, and issuance of tokens, the pre-IDO whitelist, and the community sale round will all be available. In early 2023, the company plans to begin the public sale of tokens, launch the V.1 mobile application, and sign major partnerships. For more information on how to get whitelisted, click here.

The platform is currently negotiating with the global hotel chain, the European supermarket chain, and major football clubs. The future looks bright for the KAIF DAO Platform and its subsidiaries like the KAIF DAO. Their value proposition is unique, especially when it’s the first-ever vote-to-earn platform. To know more about the project and its array of products, kindly visit the official website for more details.


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