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Jack Dorsey introduces AT Protocol for federated social applications

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Jack Dorsey introduces AT Protocol for federated social applications

Block’s CEO Jack Dorsey, who was previously the CEO of Twitter, announced the launch of AT Protocol as a federated network to power the next generation of social media applications.

AT Protocol, short for Authenticated Transfer Protocol was built as a federated network to allow users to easily communicate with blockchain URLs similar to email addresses.

Users will be identified by their domain names on the AT social protocol; however, instead of the long string of cryptographic URLs, domain names like (@alice) will be used.

Users can easily move their on-chain identity across social networks built on AT Protocol without losing their data.

To check against situations where algorithms direct what users see, AT Protocol said it has an open algorithm that allows users to easily take control of their social feed.

The protocol will be optimized for high scalability to handle large-scale social applications.

Bluesky has invited Beta testers to join the waitlist, as it prepares for the full launch of the decentralized social app.

Christian is a crypto-curious nerd who loves to investigate how protocols work under the hood. Christian is interested in DeFi protocol research, token economics, and on-chain analytics.


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