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Here Is How Bitcoin, Solana And Cardano Could Perform In The Near Future

14 Oct, 20222 min readAltcoins
Here Is How Bitcoin, Solana And Cardano Could Perform In The Near Future

After the much awaited US inflation data for the month of September was out, as expected the crypto market was hit with another set of volatility, but on a positive note. This time market participants were taken away with joy after top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) regained its key level of $19,000.

As the King currency surged other major altcoins like Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, XRP among others followed the trend. Currently, Bitcoin is selling at $19,676 after a leg up of 6.76% over the last 24hrs. Ethereum, Solana and Cardano have gained 9.67%, 11.12% and 5.75% respectively.

Meanwhile, a well-known crypto analyst and strategist is updating his target for Bitcoin, Solana and Cardano.

Bitcoin Price Is Uncertain

The analyst known as Jason Pizzino informs his 276,000 YouTube subscribers that after Bitcoin was hit with too many lower highs for nearly a week, the currency’s trend is unpredictable.

Though the King currency has regained its upward movement, it appears that the analyst is not that confident with Bitcoin’s price action.

Cardano (ADA), The Weakest

Next, Jason talks about Ethereum competitor, Cardano (ADA) where it refers to the currency as a weak horse after ADA hit a 20-month low. He further says that any bad news that’s related to Cardano will have a negative impact on its price action.

As per the analyst, if Cardano falls now, the currency will be worse than any other cryptocurrency as ADA is trading at new lows of $0.38. Hence, he calls it a weak horse.

At the moment, Cardano is selling at $0.38 with a jump of 6.33% over the last day.

Solana (SOL) Price

Lastly, Pizzino discusses Solana (SOL), another Ethereum competitor and claims that Solana is on a similar trend as its with Cardano. However, he notes that Solana has not dropped as much as Cardano.

Currently, Solana is trading at $31.61 after a climb of 11.19% over the last 24hrs.

Before the analyst winds up his analysis he compares Ethereum, Cardano and Solana and asserts that among these three Cardano is the weakest and Ethereum is the strongest.


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