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Google Unveils New Blockchain Node Engine

27 Oct, 20222 min readBlockchain
Google Unveils New Blockchain Node Engine

Google is rolling out a new blockchain node engine for web3 devs this week, according to a press release on Thursday.

This latest initiative from the powerhouse tech firm reflects a continued investment into web3 infrastructure, and looks to be another stepping-stone ‘win’ for the company in building goodwill with web3 developers.

What It Is & What It Means

The press release serves as the first formal announcement for Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine, which will start with Ethereum node management.

The engine is expected to be a “fully managed node-hosting service,” allowing devs to spend more time building product and less time managing their nodes – which keep blockchain infrastructures healthy and afloat.

The engine positions three pillar value propositions: streamlined provisioning (i.e., easier node deployment), secure development, and fully managed operations. The engine is expected to serve customers large and small, but it remains to be seen what chains could be supported beyond Ethereum in the future.

Google Continues It’s Web3 Push

The search engine turned tech behemoth continues to show that it’s positioning in web2 can serve as substantial leverage in integrating with web3 technologies.

Look no further than some of Google’s recent moves, which include securing a Coinbase partnership for cloud-based crypto payments and investing billions of dollars into crypto-native companies over the past year alone. While Google has performed fairly well in it’s web3 integration efforts, not all powerhouse web2 tech companies can say the same.

Nonetheless, expect this latest news to serve as another major pillar for the firm’s continued web3 push.


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