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Eco-Friendly Project IMPT Records $2.5M Investment in Less than 1 Week

10 Oct, 20224 min readOther
Eco-Friendly Project IMPT Records $2.5M Investment in Less than 1 Week

Eco-friendly project IMPT managed to raise $2.5 million in funding in less than one week from its initial public offering. As a result, environmentally conscious investors are rushing to become early-stage adopters in the project set to change the carbon credit market.

$2.5 Million Funding Raised in Less Than Seven Days

Despite the overarching bearish sentiment, IMPT has raised $2.5 million in funding within a week of its presale going live. The overwhelming reception for IMPT is a testament to the industry’s future direction as it heads into a more environmentally sustainable path.

The $2.5 million milestone now means that the first phase of the public presale is 20% complete as it quickly approaches the $10.8 million hard cap assigned.

Investors have long-been savvy about the importance of projects that positively impact the environment, leading to the “Early Adopter” phase selling 90 million tokens in a few short weeks.

The public presale is scheduled to occur over the course of three separate phases, with the current initial phase offering 600 million tokens at $0.018. Once this milestone is reached, the second phase will commence and will offer 660 million tokens for $0.023. Finally, the third phase will offer an additional 540 million tokens at $0.028.

The Future of Cryptocurrency has to be Sustainable.

IMPT is a breath of fresh air from the constant cryptocurrency clones released over the past couple of years. The novel platform is designed to make it easier for users to enter the carbon credit market to reduce their carbon footprints.

🤯 Did You Know? With the platform, you can buy, trade, and retire carbon credits.Our usage of blockchain enables a stable and transparent ecosystem that addresses environmental issues in the most effective manner possible. 🔥 — (@IMPT_token) October 4, 2022

Carbon credits are permits or certificates representing one ton of carbon dioxide being removed from the atmosphere. They are typically mandatory for large enterprises to offset the carbon pollution that results from their industrial production practices. However, small businesses and individuals are left on the sideline due to the convoluted nature of the carbon market.

Well, IMPT believes that making a positive contribution to the environment should be affordable to everyone, regardless of whether they can purchase carbon credits. Therefore, their Carbon Market allows users to easily buy, sell, and retire tokenized carbon credits as NFTs.

As the carbon credits are hosted on the blockchain, users can be sure they are genuine and not being scammed. Furthermore, when a carbon credit is retired by a user, it’s sent to a burn address. As a result, it is removed from circulation – preventing carbon credit fraud, such as double counting.

A Shopping Platform to Earn Carbon Credits Through Everyday Purchases

Adding further to why investors genuinely believe in the future success of IMPT is its Shopping Platform. This feature allows users to earn carbon credits through IMPT cashback rewards while shopping for regular everyday purchases from top-tier global retailers.

IMPT Shopping: Users can buy the products of our partner’s brands offline and online and they will get the sales margin in their wallets in IMPT. — (@IMPT_token) August 24, 2022

IMPT has partnered with thousands of famous worldwide brands ready to allocate a specific percentage of their sales margin to environmental projects. Suppose a user purchases products from these retailers on the Shopping Platform. In that case, the sales margin is held in their accounts in IMPT tokens. Once they have enough tokens in their account, they are free to swap them for carbon credits.

This feature enables shoppers to reduce their carbon credit through everyday practices without having to go out of their way to do so.

Presale Expected to Sell Out Ahead of Schedule

After hitting the $2.5 million milestone, it is apparent that the IMPT presale is likely to sell out well ahead of schedule. The team believed that the third phase of the presale would commence in February 2023 after both the first and second phases were completed. However, it is becoming clear that the presale will likely sell out well before if the traction and momentum continue to grow for IMPT.

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