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Dogecoin Price Prediction – Is Twitter Adoption Effect Going to Last? 3 Other Crypto Alternatives

1 Nov, 20225 min readAnalytics
Dogecoin Price Prediction – Is Twitter Adoption Effect Going to Last? 3 Other Crypto Alternatives

After Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, Dogecoin has witnessed a massive price spike amidst speculation about the token’s integration on the social media platform. However, investors are looking for other token alternatives due to Dogecoin’s high volatility levels.

This guide will discuss three popular Dogecoin alternatives: Dash 2 Trade, IMPT and Calvaria.

Dogecoin Price Increase

Since October 2022, the price of Dogecoin (DOGE) has increased by 125%. One of the major reasons for this price jump is the news of Elon Musk finally taking over Twitter. On 27th October 2022, Elon Musk concluded his acquisition of the popular social media platform.

Following the news, the price of DOGE instantly spiked in the past week. Investors are speculating on the possibility of Twitter adopting Dogecoin as a payment method, which could help increase the trading volume and use cases of one of the best meme coins in the space.

However, Dogecoin has been one of the most volatile cryptocurrencies in the past few years. DOGE is still over 80% below its all-time high (ATH) of $0.73, and retracing its current pump would not be unexpected – especially as DOGE has an infinite supply. Due to that, some investors may be looking for less risky, lower market cap crypto assets to buy and hold.

Dash 2 Trade – Best Alternative to Dogecoin in 2022

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) is a new crypto analytics and social trading platform. With D2T, the native cryptocurrency, investors can access a wide range of trading signals, charts and features to help improve their trades.

After purchasing D2T, investors can leverage the token to buy monthly subscriptions on Dash 2 Trade’s dashboard. Some available features include social indicators – which analyze potential price movements by tracking an asset’s social media trends and engagement levels.

According to the Dash 2 Trade whitepaper, the platform will also incorporate an auto-trading feature, live crypto listing alerts and risk profilers to help investors. A social trading platform, Dash 2 Trade will also run weekly trading competitions for D2T token holders, with the opportunity to earn free token rewards.

Currently on stage 2 of a 9-round presale, D2T is available to purchase at $0.05 per token. However, the price will increase to $0.0662 by the last stage – a 32.4% price increase. With the multiple use cases the token offers, D2T has the potential to become one of the best long term crypto investments.

The D2T presale has already raised more than $3.4 million. The price will increase to $0.0513 during the 3rd presale round after the project raises $5.16 million. Visit the Dash 2 Trade Telegram Channel to stay updated with the project’s latest news.

Invest in the D2T Presale

2. IMPT – Most Sustainable Cryptocurrency Project to Buy on Presale

Aiming to offset carbon emissions to fight climate change, IMPT is a new crypto token on presale. The platform offers Carbon Credit NFTs – minted via smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

IMPT has partnered with hundreds of retailers and businesses willing to contribute a part of their sales margin to environmentally friendly projects. Customers can receive cashback from IMPT’s shopping platform after purchasing with their favorite brands. The cashback is received as IMPT tokens – the native cryptocurrency.

After accumulating a certain number of tokens, IMPT can be used to buy Carbon Credits. Each Credit represents approximately 1 ton of CO2 emissions to be removed from the atmosphere. After receiving the asset, holders can trade the Carbon Credits or burn them on the network to effectively remove the emissions they represent.

Currently, IMPT is available for purchase on presale for just $0.023 per token. During the ongoing second presale round, IMPT has listed 660 million tokens. Since the beginning of the presale, IMPT has raised over $11.6 million and sold 637,000 tokens.

Visit the IMPT whitepaper and the Telegram Channel to learn more about the project.

Visit IMPT

3. Calvaria – Best New Play-To-Earn Crypto Token on Presale

Another alternative to Dogecoin is Calvaria – a new play-to-earn (P2E) ecosystem. Calvaria is a Battle Cards game where players can compete for token rewards in various competitions.

The Battle Cards are minted as NFTs on the platform – and can be upgraded to give users a higher chance of victory. The platform hosts two currencies – the $RIA and the $eRIA token. While RIA is the native cryptocurrency, eRIA is used as the official in-game currency to purchase Battle Cards and virtual items.

Players earn rewards on the platform with RIA – which can also be staked to participate in Calvaria’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). RIA is available to buy on presale for just $0.02 per token.

The project is hosting 10 presale rounds, with a hard cap target of 9.75 million USDT. Currently on stage 3, RIA has sold out 66% of the available 90 million tokens in the ongoing round.

Read the Calvaria whitepaper to learn more about this project. With over 28,000 members, readers can also join the Calvaria Telegram Channel to stay updated with the project.

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