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Dash 2 Trade Presale Moves into Stage 3 After Raising Over $5 Million in just 2 Weeks

8 Nov, 20227 min readAltcoins
Dash 2 Trade Presale Moves into Stage 3 After Raising Over $5 Million in just 2 Weeks

Dash 2 Trade has entered the third stage of its presale, after raising over $5M in just two weeks. D2T tokens are selling at 0.0513 USDT now. The fast-paced presale, disregarding the sluggish market, hints at a bull run for the token on exchange listing.

More than a Crypto Analytics Platform

At the heart of it, Dash 2 Trade is a crypto analytics and intelligence platform that offers crypto trading signals, predictions, and social analysis to help traders make informed decisions. However, it doesn’t plan on being just another crypto analytics platform that caters to a narrow user base of seasoned traders and professional agencies.

The platform is designed for a wide range of traders, from beginners to advanced traders, who want to hone their crypto trading and investment strategies. It helps them stay on top of the market by providing an array of services like creating and testing trading strategies, tracking the latest crypto news, and extracting on-chain data.

The project’s goal is to empower users to get focused insights into the metrics, rather than overwhelm them with complex technical narratives. Dash 2 Trade provides powerful data points that have a true impact on a trader’s profitability.

How does Dash 2 Trade Stand Apart?

The crypto market is in no dearth of trading applications. However, very few provide actionable insights into the market, especially for newbies and part-time investors. The high technical barrier to these platforms prevents traditional investors from trying their hands on crypto.

Dash 2 Trade dashboard

This is where Dash 2 Trade steps in. It is building a social ecosystem where users can not only observe the market, but also share and put different strategies into action. Here are the key tools and functionalities that set apart Dash 2 Trade in the crowded market.

Unique social indicators: Dash 2 Trade provides social and on-chain analytic insights that will help users spot specific coins that are on the verge of a breakout. Since the role of sociocultural movements can’t be ruled out in the crypto market, social signals can be a real game changer for traders. The key insights offered are:

  • Social media activity of the project
  • Sentiments around the token
  • Developer activities
  • Strategy builder and backtester: You can devise independent trading strategies on the platform by utilizing the Dash 2 Trade backtesting platform that mirrors live market conditions. If you’re a D2T holder, you can assess the profitability of the newly identified strategy and if it doesn’t work out, you can fine-tune it for better results.

    Custom-made scoring system for presales and ICOs: It is always best to invest in a project early to reap the highest returns over time. As a result, presales of promising projects are in demand. It’s not easy to keep track of them, however.

    Most projects allocate a small share of the tokens to presales and don’t heavily market the event. There are also risks of scams, honeypots, and rug pulls rampant in the industry. Dash 2 Trade gives you a hand by listing credible presales and ICOs on its platform. It also helps you analyze the legitimacy of the projects using a bespoke scoring system. The ‘Dash Score’ factors in the credentials of the team, the audit status of the contract, and the reliability of the tokenomics among other key points.

    Independent technical indicators: Advanced technical signals that help make short-term trading decisions, as well as informed entrances and exits. It covers moving averages, support lines, correlation of price movements between coins and assets, order book statistics, etc.

    Dash 2 Trade trading signals

    In addition to these, the platform features an auto trading API, risk profiler, listing alerts, on-chain analytics, and social trading. To learn about the features in detail, check out the Dash 2 Trade whitepaper.

    D2T Tokenomics

    Dash 2 Trade is fueled by D2T, an ERC-20 token that serves an array of use cases in the ecosystem. As the native asset of Dash 2 Trade, D2T gives holders a wide range of benefits, including access to the Dash 2 Trade terminal and all of its features.

    Dash 2 Trade tokenomics

    While anyone can explore the dashboard via the free tier, more functionalities will be featured in the starter and premium tiers. You need to hold D2T tokens to unlock them.

    In addition to that, D2T can be used to participate in trading competitions, reward users, and run backtests, to name just a few. As the roadmap unfolds, more use cases will be integrated into D2T.

    It aims to build value from the project rather than people trading the token. The platform doesn’t charge costs on entry and exit into the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem. The token will be taxless.

    Investors are currently stocking up on D2T in anticipation of the price hike that is expected to follow the exchange listing and product launch. The presale provides the cheapest way into the platform.

    The Road Ahead for Dash 2 Trade

    Dash 2 Trade’s ambitious, yet realistic roadmap reveals that the project has huge growth potential in the coming years.

    Stepping into 2023, Dash 2 Trade will launch its dashboard and begin beta testing. Users can subscribe for social metrics data, technical indicators, presale insights and scoring, real-time event streams, customizable watch lists, news feeds, and new listing announcements once it’s live. The team will actively work on getting the token listed on tier-1 CEXs and DEXs throughout 2023 to meet the rising demand. More features like back-tester, risk profiler, trading competitions, and trader AMAs will be integrated into the platform by the end of the year.

    The key milestone in 2024 will be the integration of auto-trader and additional on-chain metrics. Toward the end of 2024, charting tools, D2T social trading features, and community feedback features will join the platform.

    Dash 2 Trade short-term roadmap

    How to Buy D2T: A Step-by-Step Guide

    STEP 1: Install Wallet

    You need a MetaMask wallet installed on your browser to get started on the presale. Any other Ethereum-based wallet will work, but MetaMask is known for its usability. If you’re using your mobile device to purchase D2T, we recommend Wallet Connect. Copy and paste to the Wallet Connect built-in browser to access the presale.

    STEP 2: Connect Wallet

    Once you have the wallet ready, go to the presale page and click Connect Wallet. Select the wallet of your choice and follow the onscreen instructions.

    STEP 3: Buy D2T

    You can buy D2T using ETH, USDT, or directly using your card or through bank transfer. We have detailed each process below:

  • Buy with ETH: If you have enough ETH in your wallet, click the [Buy with ETH] button on the page and enter the amount of D2T you wish to purchase. You need to buy a minimum of 1000 D2T for the transaction to process. Now, confirm the transaction and exchange the ETH for D2T. Make sure you have enough ETH to cover the cost of the tokens and gas.
  • Buy with USDT: The step is similar to the above. First, click the [Buy with USDT] button on the presale page and enter the amount of D2T you wish to purchase. Then, click [Exchange USDT] and confirm the transaction. You will be asked to approve the purchase twice when buying with USDT. (Make sure you have USDT worth at least $30 in your wallet before beginning.)
  • Buy ETH with Card: Dash 2 Trade has partnered with Transak to allow users to purchase ETH directly via bank transfer or card. For this, click [Buy ETH with Card] from the website, choose your preferred method of purchase, verify KYC, and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • STEP 4: Claim Token

    You will be able to claim your D2T tokens soon after the presale concludes and the [Claim] button on the presale page is activated.


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