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With Cryptos Becoming Less Volatile Than Stock Indexes, Using Trading Tools like Dash 2 Trade is going to Become a Need.

5 Nov, 20224 min readAltcoins
With Cryptos Becoming Less Volatile Than Stock Indexes, Using Trading Tools like Dash 2 Trade is going to Become a Need.

The cryptocurrency volatility is starting to cool off to a level where it has finally become less volatile than stock indexes. The last few months might have been boring for crypto traders, but they’ve experienced less downside exposure compared to traditional assets.

As a result of the low volatility, there will come a time when traders will need world-class analytics and intelligence to help them make informed trading decisions – this is where trading tools like Dash 2 Trade will become needed.

Crypto Becomes Less Volatile than Stock Indexes

With crypto bouncing between $20,000 and $24,000 over the past few months, trend-following traders haven’t had many opportunities to enter into reliable positions. This is what happens when the volatility drops within a market.

The volatility can work in both directions – sending the market soaring upward or bringing the market to a colossal crash. For crypto, the volatility sent the market crashing from above $48,000 in April to as low as $17,000 in June. Since then, the volatility has settled – but not for the stock indexes.

According to data from Kaiko, the volatility for the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq is above that of Bitcoin.

The crypto market is becoming less reactive to macro events such as rising inflation, hiking interest rates, an ongoing war, and a prevalent energy crisis. Traditional markets struggled during these macroeconomic events, resulting in some of the longest downward streaks since the 2008 financial crisis.

With the volatility of crypto sinking beneath the stock indexes, traders will need to look toward trading tools and intelligence platforms to increase the accuracy of their trades and become alert to more trading opportunities.

This is where Dash 2 Trade is needed.

Dash 2 Trade Analytics Needed for Better Results

Dash 2 Trade is a world-class crypto analytics and intelligence platform designed to help traders bring their trading results to the next level. The data provided on the platform include the following:

  • Crypto trading signals
  • Predictions
  • Social analysis
  • Presale launches
  • New Crypto listings
  • Strategy builder
  • Trading competitions
  • The entire idea of Dash 2 Trade is to provide in-depth market insights to help traders create market-beating strategies.

    The problem with the crypto market is that there are thousands of tokens, and it can take a lot of work to keep up with everything as the industry moves at lightning speed. The platform will allow traders to create and test new trading strategies and provide a method to keep up with the latest news and essential on-chain data.

    Long-Track Record with 70,000 Users

    Dash 2 Trade is created by a world-class development team backed by Quant developers and high-tier venture capitalist investors. The project is owned by Learn 2 Trade, an education platform established in 2017 that managed to build an existing community of over 70,000 users.

    Dash 2 Trade can leverage its existing community to help the growth of the new crypto-focused platform. The same team that created Learn 2 Trade has partnered with profitable crypto traders, quants, and AI developers to deliver a crypto trading dashboard and ecosystem.

    Dash2Trade Presale Quickly Selling Out

    Dash 2 Trade is currently hosting a presale for its D2T token that is quickly selling out. In under two weeks, the presale has raised over $5 million.

    The D2T token will power the Dash 2 Trade platform. Users will need the token to access the platform through a subscription-based system. There will be a free tier, but most features will be exclusive to premium-paying tiers.

    In total, 1 billion D2T tokens will be sold in separate phases in the presale. The current phase is stage 2, which sells D2T for $0.05. The majority are sold, and once this stage is finished, stage 3 will sell D2T for $0.0513.

    SolidProof has fully audited the Dash 2 Trade contracts, and Coinsniper has conducted a full KYC of the team.

    Visit Dash 2 Trade Presale


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