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Crypto Tokens That Are Built To Reward Their Community And Value Loyalty

3 Nov, 20223 min readOther
Crypto Tokens That Are Built To Reward Their Community And Value Loyalty

Cryptocurrencies are inherently designed to benefit the end users, but unfortunately, not all tokens are focused on rewarding loyal communities. There are definitely some projects that are more focused on gifting users for their patience and support than others.

There is no better example of that than Tora Inu (TORA), a revolutionary meme coin that is devising many ways for users to be rewarded. Of course, there are others, but Tora stands out as one of the most successful in this regard.

TORA and Others Rewarding Communities

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If we’re talking about crypto tokens that reward loyalty, then we cannot start without talking about bitcoin. Yes, bitcoin is the oldest asset on the market and perhaps an unexpected answer. However, given that Bitcoin’s whitepaper recently celebrated its 14th anniversary, it’s worth talking about the token that has rewarded holders year after year.

Of course, there are others like the many DEX tokens or LP reward tokens in the market. Those have done a fantastic job of retaining users by offering solid incentives.

One project that’s taking a completely new approach is Tora Inu – which believe it or not is a meme coin. Meme coins may not seem like the ideal place think to about rewards for loyalty (though they do have strong communities, given their loyalty, TORA is changing all of that.

Tora Inu’s tokenomics has a burn mechanism that redistributes rewards, which results in a reduction in supply and an increase in demand. As a result, the token becomes more valuable as more transactions take place on the network.

Tora Inu’s ecosystem has a lot going for it.

Tora Inu will also have a P2E game where players battle fight each other or the environment with their NFTs. There will also be a metaverse where players can interact with each other and purchase land.

The TORA presale implements an incremental price increase method which will see the price of the TORA increase as it is sold across its various phases. The project has not hosted a private sale, with there being only the beta sale until phase 3.

Tora Inu is Setting a Great Example

If you want users to continue to be a part of your ecosystem, you’ve got to reward them. You’ve got to show them that their patience matters. There are some existing projects that already do this well, but also new ones that are introducing great features with several streams of value. Tora Inu is setting an example of how projects should do this, while also changing up the meme coin niche.


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