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Countdown To Liftoff: Chains CHA Token Presale Debuts In Less Than 24 Hours

28 Jun, 20223 min readOther
Countdown To Liftoff: Chains CHA Token Presale Debuts In Less Than 24 Hours

With less than 24 hours remaining until the debut of the Chains (CHA) token presale, time is running out to act and gain early access to the CHA token at ground floor prices.

The Chains ecosystem of interconnected services also includes the company’s first product: the Chain Launchpad – designed to give Chains account users early access to promising crypto projects as some of the earliest phases of their lifecycles.

Here is a closer look at the Chains Launchpad, other upcoming Chains services, the landmark CHA token presale, and how it all ties together for one of the most interesting crypto projects on the blockchain today.

How Chains Is Building An Interconnected Crypto Economy is focused on building a robust crypto-based economy for the future. Much like the right applications and software made the internet click with the mainstream, it will take a user-friendly, interconnected system where earning, trading, spending, and researching crypto take place all on the same platform.

CHA is the native cryptocurrency token issued by and is integral to the interconnected experience, providing users with token sale discounts, fee rebates, and “exclusive staking-based access to features and events taking place on the platform.”

Holding CHA also gives the token holder access to exclusive benefits such as automatic airdrops and premium business analytics through Prism – another service expected to debut in 2022.

All About The CHA Token Presale Launching In Less Than 24 Hours

The CHA token sale begins in less than 24 hours, kicking off at a price of 0.0104 USD per 1 CHA token. However, pre-sales pricing will gradually increase across 100 tranches of tokens. Only whitelisted accounts are eligible. US residents are eligible but must complete an accredited investor form to participate.

According to the website, there is a vesting process associated with the presales tokens, which includes:

  • 100% of the tokens are available for utility and staking purposes and provide the same fee discounts and can be used as medium of exchange on the platform.
  • 12.5% of the tokens unlock each month for trade and placement in external wallets.
  • Vesting can be expedited by increased utilization of CHA. For every CHA paid, 2 CHA fully unlock.
  • All unutilized tokens will unlock over an 8 month period, in monthly installments.
  • BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, TRX, BNB, and other cryptocurrencies are accepted. There is a $50 minimum to participate.

    Once the presale ends, the public sale price will increase to $0.0513-$0.0993 per 1 CHA token, limiting the total number of CHA you’ll get compared to if you act now. also intends to burn CHA tokens depending on the value and utility of the token, which will further reduce the available supply.

    What To Expect From Chains In The Future, in the future, will launch its Prism analytics tool, which lets users compare cryptocurrency prices and view them in a variety of alternative pricing models. For example, users can price BTC in Apple shares or see the cost of Ethereum in another altcoin. The data provides a unique edge for the most engaged crypto investors and traders.

    A full asset and currency exchange platform is also planned for the future, as well as a marketplace for products and services. Because Marketplace is more than just products, freelancers and businesses can sell services tied to their preferred currencies, creating a digital economy based on cryptocurrencies using Chains and CHA. project is led by founder and CEO Anderson Mccutcheon and backed by a team of blockchain industry professionals and advisors from the investment industry, commerce, and more. To get a free 100,000 vCHA and apply for the CHA presale whitelist, visit the official website and sign up for a account today.


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