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Cosmos (ATOM) Price Spikes by 40% in Two Days: Possible Reasons

10 Sep, 20222 min readOther
Cosmos (ATOM) Price Spikes by 40% in Two Days: Possible Reasons

Frens Validator, a large and passionate community of Cosmos (ATOM) contributors, shared the agenda of the most crucial Cosmos event in 2022. It looks like the ATOM community is on the verge of a massive announcement.

Cosmos 2.0 might be announced on Cosmoverse 2022

According to the announcement shared by the Frens Validator team on its official Twitter account, the Cosmos 2.0 design might be announced in Medellín, Colombia on Sept. 28.

BREAKING: ATOM 2.0 will be revealed on Sept 28, 9:30 pm UTC 🚀— Frens Validator 🤝 Cosmoverse 🇨🇴 (@frensvalidator) September 9, 2022

The Cosmos 2.0 discussion will take place on the third day of Cosmoverse. The panel will be helmed by Cosmos (ATOM) co-founder Ethan Buchman, strategy lead Sam Hart, key figurehead of Agoric Zaki Manian; popular YouTube influencer Cryptocito will be a moderator of the discussion.

Cosmoverse 2022 is the largest Cosmos-centric event for entrepreneurs, Web3 developers, enthusiasts, students, contributors and dApps owners.

The conference agenda will be accompanied by side events hosted by Osmosis DEX, Mars Protocol, OmniFlix, Loop Finance and Composable Finance protocols.

ATOM adds 40%, spikes to five-week highs

Cosmos 2.0 is set to reconsider the functionality, interoperability and general architecture of the leading cross-blockchain ecosystem Cosmos (ATOM).

This announcement might be among the factors that contributed to a surprising rally of the ATOM price that took place amid the bearish recession of the market.

On Sept. 7 - Sept. 9, the ATOM price went ballistic: it surged from $11.5 to over $16.5 in less than two days. As such, the ATOM price got back to its early August levels.


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