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Chiliz Price Prediction 2022: Will CHZ Claim The $1 Price Tag?

12 Jul, 20228 min readAnalytics
Chiliz Price Prediction 2022: Will CHZ Claim The $1 Price Tag?

The dawn of the alt season in the bygone year had pumped the majority of Ethereum based tokens. Chiliz was one of the innovative projects, which was occupied with impeccable price action throughout the year. Successively, marketers are still keen on developments around Chiliz, and the CHZ price prediction.

The peerless project has set the entertainment sectors ablaze, specifically gaming. The chief goal has been enabling millions of sports fans to purchase a CHZ token through a crypto exchange. This is in order to cast a vote in consideration of their favourite sports teams.

Are you one of the many considering CHZ for investments? Then you are at the right place! As this write-up will decode the plausible price targets of the digital coin for 2022 and beyond!


*The statistics are from the time of publication.

Chiliz (CHZ) Price Prediction

Chiliz (CHZ) Crypto Price Prediction For 2022

Chiliz embarked on its journey in 2022, with its price at $0.286. The digital asset had traversed in a narrow downtrend channel plummeting to a bottom of $0.234. With losses accounting for over 25% in the first week. On the 10th of January, the altcoin managed to flip the bottom of a 5-month low of $0.22.

Market-wide corrections led to the asset’s fall to $0.174, by the 22nd of January. After ranging sideways until the 5th of February, a leg-up took the price to $0.235, by February 7th. Howbeit, heating tensities in the business, dragged the price down to $0.152, by the 24th of February. A steady uptrend thereafter, took the price to $0.32, by the 31st of March.

Chiliz had a rough run in the second quarter of the year. The price projection of CHZ was greatly influenced by the chaos in the industry. The altcoin had hit its multi-month low of $0.082 on the 18th of June. Following the recent uptrend, the altcoin is still down over 62% from the annual top.

Chiliz Price Prediction For Q3

Major announcements of collaborations with sports clubs and adoptions could turn fruitful for Chiliz’s price action. Wherefore, the price of the CHZ coin could surge to its potential high of $0.1303. That said, constrained by a linear price trajectory, the price of CHZ could settle at $0.1129. Conversely, trembling prominence and increasing sell-offs could slash the price down to $0.0938.

CHZ Price Forecast For Q4

If major catalytic events are held in the fourth quarter, Chiliz could roll up its sleeves for a major endeavour, on the charts. Moreover, a possible hype of NFTs could push the price to a new high, by the end of the year. Wherefore, the CHZ price could surge to a maximum of $0.1680.

On the flip side, negative criticism and FUD could lead to losses, taking the price down to $0.1181. Considering the buying and selling pressures, the regular price could settle at $0.1440.

Chiliz Price Prediction For 2023

If the price moves with an upward trajectory, then the CHZ price would soon claim a new ATH. On a positive note, the price would hit the potential high of $0.2936. On the contrary, if bears take control over the market, then CHZ price would plummet to its bottom support at $0.1587. In the case of regular trade activities, it would trade at around $0.2215 by the year’s end.

Price Prediction Of CHZ For 2024

Chiliz holds the potential to stand stout in the case of extreme market fluctuations. As the lion’s share of the asset is still held by whales at 68.81%, followed by retailers with a share of 16.85%. And then by investors with 14.34% of holdings. Moreover, the average time held is 1.8 years. Collectively, it makes up for a good long-term hold.

Successively, growing assistance by whales and retailers will push the price of CHZ to a new high at $0.486. Conversely, factors like emerging rivals and ebbing stance could sink the price to the minimum at $0.259. That said, constrained by a linear price projection, the average price might land at $0.396.

Chiliz Price Prediction For 2025

The CHZ network would expand at a pace with the growing entertainment and gaming sectors. This can bring in traction from a lot more traders and may lead the price to hit around the $0.7711 mark.

In case, the market collapses, the price may plunge well below 50% and would reach $0.4199 by the end of 2025. However, if the coin survives with persisting investors, by giving tough competition to its competitors, and rolls out constant developmental upgrades. Then by the end of the term, the price may reach $0.588.

What Does The Market Say?

Wallet Investor:

According to Wallet Investor’s CHZ price prediction. It forecasts that the CHZ price may hit a maximum of $0.015. It believes average buying and selling pressures to settle the price at $0.01. The analysts have made forecasts for the long term as well. They expect the altcoin to surge as high as $0.0167, by the end of 2024.

Digital Coin Price:

The crypto prediction website has revised its price forecast for CHZ. The firm is hopeful of the price hitting a maximum of $0.15, by the year-end. The forecast anticipates, the minimum and average prices for the year to occur at $0.13 and $0.14. As per Digital Coin Price, CHZ could surge as high as $0.17 by the end of 2023. And $0.22 by the end of 2025.


According to Gov. capital, a popular economy forecast agency. The Chiliz price will hit a maximum of $0.2599 by the end of 2022. And in case of a bearish trap, it would plummet to $0.1921 by the end of 2022. The website has made a whopping prediction for the long term. It expects that the price will boom up to $2.213 by the end of 2025. The forecast also cites that the Chiliz coin price might stumble and consolidate around $1.636.

Trading Beasts:

As per Trading Beasts, Chiliz’s price is expected to hit a maximum of $0.147 by the year-end. If it falls vulnerable to inflation then it is forecasted to plummet to a minimum of $0.125. Successively, the average possibility is set at $0.184. Collectively, by the end of 2025 CHZ price is predicted to hit a maximum of $0.204. The average and minimum possibilities are expected to occur at $0.255 and $0.174.

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What Is Chiliz (CHZ)?

Chiliz has been one of the predominant blockchain-backed fintech service providers for mainstream sports and entertainment platforms. The main motive of the platform is to drive the traction of mainstream consumers. By providing a currency option for blockchain-backed products and services.

Chiliz has its own native token CHZ, an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The protocol further benefits traders while purchasing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Socio fan token marketplace. The platform has also been designed to be BEP-2 compatible.

Fundamental Analysis

Chiliz was launched in 2012 as an integral part of Malta-based international sports and entertainment firm, Mediarex group. The platform gradually introduced the platform and CHZ token in 2018. The protocol was soon listed across the majority of the crypto exchanges across the globe. Moreover, the platform holds main offices in France, Brazil, South Korea, Spain, and Turkey.

The project was the vision of Alexandre Dreyfus, who is the present CEO. The founder has accumulated knowledge of over 20 years in web-based tech firms. Prior to launching the Chiliz platform in 2017, he designed Webcity, an interactive travel guide. And two unique online poker products Winamax and Chilipoker. His aim was to fully distribute fan tokens as a better fan engagement tool and as a sturdy profit generation.

Our Chiliz (CHZ) Predictions

The constant upgrades and collaborations will give a boost to the price of Chiliz (CHZ). The expected expansion in the sports and entertainment industry in the near future would uplift the price action. According to Coinpedia’s formulated Chiliz price prediction. With bullish market sentiments, CHZ’s price may move upward to $0.17 by the end of 2022.

On the downside, future market fluctuations and increased competition may adversely affect Chiliz’s (CHZ) price. Which may result in the collapse of the coin’s price to $0.12.

Historic Market Sentiments


  • The token went live on Ethereum’s mainnet in the month of June. And managed to hover between $0.004409 and $0.01724 until the year’s end.
  • 2020

  • By mid-2020, notable collaborations with gaming platforms helped the price jump from $0.0122 to $0.214.
  • Failing to pick up steam, the altcoin lingered around $0.01075 for the rest of the year.
  • 2021

  • Following the announcement of Binance’s listing of fan tokens based on Chiliz. The altcoin surged over 1000% to $0.7276 by March 3rd.
  • Following the FUDs resulting from the Chinese market crash in May. The price underwent a steady fall to $0.2308 by mid-June.
  • With a decent retracement rate, CHZ’s price rose to $0.4256, but the market turmoil dragged the price down to $0.2618.
  • Q4 was fairly bullish for the altcoin, as it took a parabolic move to $0.5149 by late October. However, the year was concluded at $0.3045.
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    A: Yes, if you are planning for the long term Chiliz looks promising. As the protocol is planning for expansion in the gaming, metaverse, and Defi space.

    A: Since the protocol employs a genesis of a decentralized network, it enjoys data encryption, which makes it safe and secure.

    A: According to our CHZ price prediction, the altcoin could soar to a maximum of $0.1680 by the end of 2022.

    A: The price of CHZ might soar to a maximum of $0.7711 by the end of 2025.

    A: Chiliz (CHZ) is available across popular platforms like Binance, Coinbase, and Huobi, amongst others.


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