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Charles Hoskinson Addresses Return of Cardano “Ghost Chain” FUD

27 Aug, 20223 min readAltcoins
Charles Hoskinson Addresses Return of Cardano “Ghost Chain” FUD

Charles Hoskinson has taken to Twitter to inform his army of followers that the consequences of headlines about the Cardano testnet being “catastrophically broken” have come to a new level.

“Fud-spreaders talking about the “ghost chain” again”

The IOG founder stated that this misinformation is now being propagated to large masses of people by social media influencers.

In particular, he shared a tweet which shows a TikTok video with a guy who has over 600,000 followers and he is talking about Cardano, saying that people are starting to lose faith in this blockchain.

The TikToker claims that “for a project that has a market cap as high as it has, Cardano does not have much to show for it”.

The guy points out that the vision of Cardano team is great but they are not building anything.

Finally, the “influencer” claimed that Solana is a “much more functional blockchain and a much more functional platform than Cardano has ever even gotten close to being”.

Hoskinson sadly tweeted that influencers are now spreading shallow information to “massive networks of people” and what was recently called a “catastrophic bug” for Cardano is now again paired with “ghost chain”, i.e. accusations that poured onto Cardano earlier this year, stating that there is nothing being developed on this platform.

The consequences of headlines: Shallow information gets propagated by influencers to massive networks of people. Truth gets lost in the land of misinformation. As predicted, catastrophic bug is now paired with ghostchain. It will stick for months — Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) August 27, 2022

Hoskinson stated that these “30 seconds of lies” were published for the sake of engagement farming. He also reminded some commentators about Cardano achievements made by this year:

150 papers, 3 million person community in 100+ countries, 1000+ projects building on Cardano, higher brand engagement than IBM and BMW, listed on 200 exchanges, always been operational since launch, adopted by countries and fortune 500 companies....— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) August 27, 2022

“Catastrophic bug” of Cardano

Ten days ago, a prominent Cardano developer Adam Dean spread the word on Twitter about a recently discovered bug, which made the Vasil node 1.35.2 “catastrophically broken”. This tweet sparkled a heated debate within the community and some began accusing Cardano, saying that having such bugs before a testnet launch is unacceptable for a chain as prominent as Cardano.

About a week ago, the same developer tweeted that Cardano chain was stronger and better than ever, while Cardano pool operator, Andrew Westberg announced that the earlier spotted bugs were successfully fixed.


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