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Cardano Price Prediction: Experts say $1 is Unrealistic Before 2023 – Buy This Coin Instead

26 Oct, 20224 min readAnalytics
Cardano Price Prediction: Experts say $1 is Unrealistic Before 2023 – Buy This Coin Instead

While Cardano continues its 2022 struggles, innovative new crypto intelligence platform Dash 2 Trade has just raced through the first phase of its presale – raising nearly $2 million in just three days.

Only launched on October 20, Dash 2 Trade has since cleared the $2 million mark and now has eight more presale phases to complete.

Like through much of this crypto bear market, exciting presale projects have continued to outperform more established coins.

Cardano Price Prediction: Short-Term Struggles

Cardano is currently trading below $0.36 – an 88% drop from its all-time high and a 72% drop from the start of the year.

While many crypto analysts remain bullish on Cardano’s long-term success, given its underlying scalability, use cases, attractiveness to institutions, and potential, few are predicting much from ADA before the end of the year.

Although the protocol completed key upgrades in recent months, including the Vasil hard fork, Cardano has continued to drop in price.

The general struggles of the crypto market, macroeconomic conditions and the likelihood that Bitcoin also drops all point to Cardano losing more value in the short term.

While key support has been found at $0.35, should that be broken then some analysts are predicting ADA to drop to $0.25 – or even $0.15 – before the end of the year.

Cardano Alternative – Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is a new presale project that is offering investors the chance for big gains before 2023 starts and is set to be one of the best cryptos to invest in this year.

The protocol has only just launched but is generating huge hype in the crypto space.

What is Dash 2 Trade?

Dash 2 Trade is an analytics and trading platform that uses various metrics and insights to help its users make more well-informed decisions with their holdings and maximize their potential profits.

It does that by sending out signals to mark buy and sell opportunities in the market, as well as track social sentiment and on-chain data to spot trends in the space.

Traders can access and utilize a range of trading and social tools, as well as a back-testing tool, to implement and optimize their strategy without risking capital.

Crypto investors will also be able to access a bespoke and unique presale tracking tool, which uses a range of insights to score new token presale projects out of 100 and ensure confidence from investors.

Users are also alerted to new coin listings and IEOs to put themselves in the best position to take advantage.

Visit Dash 2 Trade Presale

How does Dash 2 Trade Work?

Dash 2 Trade is a dashboard that can be accessed from a three-tier monthly subscription membership.

Users spend the native D2T token – a taxless, Ethereum-based coin – to gain access:

  • Free: Users have access to the market data terminal, offering tier-one pricing information
  • Starter (400 D2T monthly): Users gain access to advanced on-chain data and basic insights into new crypto presales. There is also access to automated trading tools
  • Premium (1,000 D2T monthly plus 20% annual discount): Premium subscribers get access to all features such as full on-chain data, whale wallet alerts, and pro-grade market indicators.
  • Dash 2 Trade Presale Info

    Dash 2 Trade is one of the cryptos with the most potential and is currently in phase 2 of its presale having rocketed through phase 1 in just three day.s.

    The project boasts a doxxed and KYC-verified team, by CoinSniper, that launched Learn2Trade in 2017 – a beginners’ trading platform with 70,000 global users.

    The token’s smart contract has also been audited by leading independent site

    In total, 700 million of the 1 billion max supply will be sold during the nine presale phases, with each phase seeing an increase in the price of D2T.

    Phase 1 tokens started at $0.0467, while phase 9 will be sold at $0.0662 – a 39% increase that means $100 gets just 1,510 tokens in phase 9 compared to 2,100 in phase 1.

    For more information read through the whitepaper or join the Telegram group which has now passed 15,000 members.

    Visit Dash 2 Trade Presale


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