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Cardano NFTs Reach Six Million, Setting a New Milestone: Details

8 Nov, 20222 min readAltcoins
Cardano NFTs Reach Six Million, Setting a New Milestone: Details

The Cardano network has set a new milestone as it now has over six million NFTs. According to data, the number of NFTs on the Cardano blockchain is presently 6,006,497, with 64,611 distinct minting policies.

In terms of technology, there is not much of a difference between native tokens/assets and NFTs. This is because both are native assets that can be created using the Cardano node cli.

GM and CONGRATS to #CARDANO for SIX MILLION NFTs on the blockchain 🏆 a milestone and just getting started @IOHK_Charles — NOODZ 🍜 The Alexandria Project (@CardanoNoodz) November 7, 2022

The Cardano blockchain can natively generate, interact with, and delete custom tokens (or "assets"). "Native" indicates that users can interact with these custom assets straight out of the box without having to employ smart contracts.

An NFT is a single native asset that is immutable and exists on the blockchain forever, as opposed to fungible native assets, which could include millions of interchangeable tokens.

A native asset must also meet other requirements to qualify as an NFT, which suggests that it is "non-fungible." Therefore, a token must have unique identifiers, or qualities that set it apart from others.

That explained why the number of native tokens or assets on the Cardano network was higher. Pool. pm gives the number of native assets to be 6,741,978.

Cardano sees 170% increase in 30-day NFT volume

According to OpenCNFT data, the Cardano NFT market saw a 30-day volume of 54,341,905 ADA, which represents a 170% increase.

The number of NFT trades increased likewise, by nearly 86.39%, to 189,502. The number of NFTs sold also jumped 80% to 170,122 in the same period.


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