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Cardano Developer Adds Former Intertrust Cryptographer to Its Team

3 Nov, 20222 min readAltcoins
Cardano Developer Adds Former Intertrust Cryptographer to Its Team

Cardano developer Input Output has appointed Dr. Vanishree Rao as the head of applied cryptography.

Dr. Rao started her professional career as a research intern at Microsoft Research, the research subsidiary of the tech giant, back in 2009.

The academic spent two years working as a cryptography research scientist at Xerox's PARC, a research and development company that is based in Palo Alto, from Aug 2015 to May 2017. PARC is known as home to the first dual-beam lasers in the world.

From May 2017 to December 2018, Dr. Rao worked as a senior cryptographer for Intertrust Technologies Corporation, a Sunnyvale, California-based company that specialized. trusted distributed computing

Dr. Rao also helped to develop Mina Protocol, which claims to be the world’s lightest blockchain protocol.

In her statement, the cryptographer praised the “depth of technical leadership” from Input Output. The Cardano developer is known for prioritizing academic rigor.

Input Output CEO Charles Hoskinson says that he’s “super glad” to have Dr. Rao on his team, adding that the company has to solve “difficult crypto engineering problems.”

Input Output works alongside EMURGO, the official commercial and venture arm of the Cardano project, and the Cardano Foundation.As reported by U.Today, the Cardano Foundation, the independent Swiss-based non-profit supervising the development of the Cardano blockchain, appointed Matthias Benkort as its technical director of open-source development, in early May. The open-source advocate is committed to enabling Cardano developers through various tools and libraries.


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